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 What are YouTubing?
[Image: giphy.gif]
* Nothing mean-spirited intended here. I just love this gif.
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Well, I uploaded my first video, no sound / audio included (I've got no microphone, not that I needed it at all). It's about my WFM script that may help some people with storing tone, weather and fog settings.

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Anybody play Vectorman back in the day? I haven't played this game in awhile, I kind of miss it. Getting ready to play it now, actually :)

Enjoy the tunes!
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1:53 is one of the reasons Roy Khan is my favorite vocalist of all time...


That, and the song that got me into Kamelot in the first place, Karma.

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Well... TheGamersJoint is back with more rage.

Language warning as always, guys. xD

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I feel bad Triple-posting... (Come on, guys! What are Youtubing???) 

Here's a short video by TheGamersJoint. 


Enjoy  Very happy + Tongue sticking out

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So like... I was on Youtube, when I found this awesome video by someone named BountyHunter Lani.
Whoever they are, they're a total genius to do this!  Sweat

(This thread was awful quiet, so how about a little shameless self-promotion?)
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I laughed so much at this video that I started crying and choking.

It's TheGamersJoint, so language, but... Definitely worth a watch! XD
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Well, if you share that, then I'll have no choice but to share the latest episode from the AngryVideoGameNerd.

Be aware, I'm raising all kind of warning flags for language for this, obviously, so don't make me retrieve any of them!

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