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 New Character Properties with Calls 2.2
New Character Properties with Calls


This script adds additional properties from the Sprite class to Game_Character such as angle, color, mirror, tone, zoom_x, and zoom_y. For this version, I also combined my Event Angle/Color/Mirror/Tone/Zoom add-ons and my script calls with this script.

  • This gives Character sprites additional properties from the Sprite class such as Angle, Color, Mirror, Tone, Zoom, Wave Amp, Wave Length, and Wave Speed
  • Change the angle, color, mirror, tone, zoom, wave amp, wave length, and wave speed of a character sprite using script calls.
  • Set Angle, Color, Mirror, Tone, Zoom, Wave Amplitude, Wave Length, and Wave Speed of Events using special comments.
  • Change certain properties of a character sprite to a desired value in a certain number of frames with a script call.
What's New?
For v2, I merged two add-ons I made for the original (Change Character Sprite Angle/Color/Size/Tone in frames and Event Angle/Color/Size/Tone) into one package and threw in several new script calls which should be useful (e.g.: zoom_change, color_*_change, tone_*_change).

[Image: rh4dbt.png]
Note the treasure chests, statues, and the flying imp hovering over Ralph.

New Character Properties with Calls 2.2 (RMXP)

Author's Notes
I wanted to work on letting game creators animate character sprites a little more through script calls. I noticed certain properties such as angle, color, mirror, tone, and angle were missing so I wanted to add them in.

Charlie Fleed for showing me how to script special comments a few years ago.
Prof. Meow Meow making fantastic use of it in a demo he showed me a few years ago.

License / Terms
Free for non-commercial and commercial purposes. Just credit me.
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Indeed. :D

Also, yo! This script's been updated to version 1.2 as of today! This update particularly caters towards those who didn't like how the sprite's zoom level value 1.0 signifies actual pixel size. So I decided to do something about it and made 100.0 signify actual pixel size. I've also added a customization option for anyone who does not like the change.
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Event Tone, Color, Size, Angle and Mirror

The following five scripts I'm submitting allows the user to alter an event sprite's size, angle, tone, color and have it flip horizontally. These scripts will require the Character Sprite Add-ons script in order for them to work.

  • Change tone of event sprite. (Event Tone)
  • Give it a color. (Event Color)
  • Change the size of the event sprite. (Event Size)
  • Change the angle of the event's sprite. (Event Angle)
  • Flip event sprite horizontally. (Event Mirror)
[Image: 330gzfk.png]

Event Angle
Event Color
Event Mirror
Event Size
Event Tone

These scripts require the Character Sprite Add-ons script in order for them to work.

How to change the angle of an event sprite
How to set the color of an event sprite
How to flip the event sprite horizontally.
How to change the size of an event sprite.
How to set the tone of an event sprite.

Methods aliased:
  • Game_Event < Game_Character
    • refresh
Credits and Thanks
Charlie Lee: For teaching me how.
MGCaladtogel: I did a bit of code ripping from his NeoMode7 script.

Author's Notes
Boredom makes me do this.

Terms and Conditions
Credit me, I s'pose. :P
[This was a post of a script that used to be an add-on.]
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Heya, sorry for the bump but since this topic is already over 600 views and counting, I'm assuming somebody must have installed this by now.

It's been given the upgrade to 1.1 and now the developer can change the tone, angle, color and size of a character's (player or event) sprite with script calls.
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Waitaminute. :mellow:

The whole actual 'WORKING' code of this script is 30 lines? That's it? :o

BTW: Nice to see that more people like us are adding all those detailed instructions into the scripts. B)
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Character Sprite Addons VX
Version: 1.2

Adds on additional properties from the Sprite class to character sprites which weren't included before such as Angle, Tone, Color, Mirror, Zoom_X and Zoom_Y. As of version 1.1, it also allows devs to change certain properties of character sprites.

  • Gives character sprites additional properties from the Sprite class such as angle, tone, color, mirror, zoom_x and zoom_y.
  • Change the color, tone, angle and size of character sprites with script calls.
  • 1 customization option. (See Customization section in text file.)
Character Sprite Add-ons VX

Copy-paste! Also, look for any add-on topics which may link to this as a requirement for use.

Changing the tone of a character sprite
Example usage of changing character sprite tone?
Changing the color of a character sprite.
Example usage of changing character sprite color?
Changing the angle of a character sprite
Changing the x-axis and y-axis zoom level of a character sprite
Flipping character sprite horizontally

This aliases the following methods from the following classes.
  • Sprite_Character < Sprite_Base
    • update
  • Game_Character
    • initialize
Author's Notes
I want scripters to add on to it. :3

Terms and Conditions
It's not necessary to credit me for this.

Event Tone, Angle, Color, Mirror and Size comment commands.
[old vx version of the script was here]
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Hey hey! Not bad! I may incorporate this (at least the size and mirror ones). This would be great for monsters that grow in size before attacking and such.
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I like this, tho I dont have any uses for it atm. =/
Antialiasing would be f'king awesome, but as far as I know it's slow as hell in RGSS. And I dont have a clue how to do it. o.o
But who knows, maybe something for next version? ~.^
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This script has gotten a major update!

v2: Both the Event Angle/Color/Mirror/Tone/Zoom/Wave and the Change Character Properties in frames script were combined into one script. New script calls were thrown in too.

v2.1: Added the optional truth value relative argument for all methods. Useful if you want to add ontosubtract from a character property.
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I just updated the script to v2.1.1

This update improves the documentation, reduces the code by about a hundred lines, and provides some improvements to the documentation. If you're using the VX version, it's imperative that you update it. There was a game-breaking bug in there.

Edit: Just updated the script to v2.2
Now users can use arrays for setting tone/colors or changing them in frames.
To VX users: If you're still using v2.1, please update it.
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