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 Rataime's Passability Indicator Tool
Passability Tool

Quote:This script show you what tiles in your map are passable or not. A picture is worth a thousand words, right ?

[Image: passability.jpg]

Note that :
- Blocking events are displayed in blue
- Non-blocking events aren't highlighted (like the bird)
- Tiles blocking a single direction are half highlighted (like the bridge parts, in the foreground)

Better, the installation is super easy : you copy it above main if you want to activate it, and delete it when you're done. And compatibility should be very high, as I modify next to nothing.

[Image: passability.jpg]
[Image: a1iic5.png]

Rataime's Passability Indicator Tool (RMXP) XP DEMO FUNCTIONAL
Rataime's Passability Indicator Tool (RMVX) VX Link Broken
Rataime's Passability Indicator Tool (RMVXA) VXA Link Broken

Rataime for scripting this.
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That should save some time =D No more running against each and every wall to make sure there's no walktrough glitching tile ^^
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