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 The Self Data Suite!
The Self Data Suite

This is the Self Data suite. These are a collection of scripts that are designed to apply self switches, self variables, and self metadata onto just about everything. Actors, Items, Weapons, Armors, Enemies, Troops, Maps, Game System, Game Temp, Events... you get the idea.

These scripts, for the most part, can operate well enough on their own, but when combined and put into capable hands, the amount of potential these scripts possess can be tapped into, allowing the developer to take full advantage of what these scripts can offer.

Your skill and your imagination is the limit.

  • A lot of data has been given their own self switches, variables, and metadata. Actors, Classes, Skills, Items, Common Events, you name it.
  • Events can have self variables and other bits of information attached to them.
  • More than 4 self switches! (Actually, you already had more than 4, but the script calls provided here makes using your own self switches for events easier.)
  • Set up the initial self switches, variables, and metadata for everything.
  • Use script calls to modify self switches, variables, and metadata for everything.
  • Did I mention it's extensive?

The Self Data Suite (RMXP) 
The Self Data Suite (RMVX) 

.rar   selfdataAce.rar (Size: 66.3 KB / Downloads: 0)   The Self Data Suite (RMVXA)

These set of scripts include:
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Script Ideas
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User-Submitted Systems and Scripts
If you're ever submitting an add-on of some sort that requires these scripts, please use SelfData as a tag.
  • None submitted

  • LilyKnight: If it weren't for her being a fan of these scripts, I probably wouldn't have cared about creating these scripts and putting them all into one giant set.
  • IceDragon and Jet: They helped me out when it came down to figuring out how to call up how many maps were made in the project.
  • Kain Nobel: He gave me some nice suggestions on the script calls for event self switches and variables a few years ago.
  • Karltheking4: For discovering a bug (which I didn't know about) that my original script had where it would throw an error when using the self_variables script call on a parallel processed event within the first few frames of starting a new game.
  • Lowell: A few years prior to the making of this script, he offhandedly mentioned in chat about giving something (I forgot what) in a project of his personal variables, which kickstarted this.
  • Nicke: He, along with Yami, helped me out on working with the DataManager module. (ACE)
  • Night_Runner: For coming up with a fix to the aforementioned bug in the original by swapping two lines of code.
  • Yami: Yami helped out when it came to aliasing methods in a module and having to deal with VX Ace's DataManager module. (ACE)

Author's Notes
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Free to use for non-commercial and commercial purposes.

Should you ever come across a bug with these scripts, please contact me so I can fix them.

I apologize for making references to Armor Types, Skill Types, and Weapon Types in the comments for this script set. I was copying the scripts over from XP to VX to ACE and I didn't want to waste too much time changing some examples I wrote for configuration.

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Bravo2Kilo of RPG Maker Web came across two bugs with the scripts.

Actor&Party: adjusting switches, variables, and metadata for party members didn't work as planned since I didn't thoroughly test it. It usually returned errors. Now it should work as it should.

Events (Self Data): For VX and VX Ace, I forgot to change the extension of the files the script was referring to.
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