Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations


Intentional insults or attacks on another member is not allowed on Save-Point as it may lead to flame wars. We cannot expect every member to like one another or always get along, but we wish that you take your disagreements somewhere else. If you flame another member you will be verbally warned. But if it continues you will be officially warned, receive a 2 day suspension or even banned, depending on the severity.

Trolling/Flame baiting

If a post was made with the motive to offend others (directly or indirectly) or provoke others to flame on the forums, the poster may face an instant warn or suspension. This is more serious than actual flaming as it is sneakier and causes much trouble, and will result in an instant ban if the behavior continues.

Hate Posting

Hate speech (not limited to posting hate websites, music, and images) in order to offend or spread a hate message against a particular race, religion, sexuality, disability, or gender is not allowed. Members are granted the privileged of general free speech and opinions on Save-Point. However posting material which could hurt or offend others from an ethnic group, gender status or a different belief structure is prohibited, and will lead to an instant suspension of 3 days.

Sensitive Content

While the forum is meant for game development, we set aside one board for non-gaming dialog. However, the only place for non-game discussions involving Politics, Religion, and other mature content may only go within the General Discussion board and flagged with a 'Serious Discussion' prefix flag. Likewise, the 'Current Events' prefix flag may also contain news articles which may contain content of political interest. Do know that use of the PM (Private Message) system to relay this material is forbidden, except where it is between consenting members. And said topics will not be tolerated within the forum's main IRC chatroom. If such dialog is either continued or created continuously, you will be officially warned, receive a 2 day suspension or even banned, depending on the severity.
Classified as Sensitive (may be updated): Politics ● Religion ● Sex(Mature Content)
Covered under Current Events (may be updated): Politics


We don't mind members commenting on old threads, please simply use your own common sense when replying to them. For example, posting on an old event that won't get replies from any other person on this date may be annoying.

Back Seat Moderating

As staff on Save-Point we have our job to remind and enforce the rules. Members do not have this responsibility and are not the judge of one anothers' actions on the forum. We recommend all members use the report button. However in the case of new members not knowing the rules, older members may remind them kindly and link them to the rules so that they are informed.

Spamming & Advertising

Members on Save-Point are not allowed to spam anywhere on the forums except designated forums such as forum Games. This is to ensure that Save-Point is a clean and eye easy forum. We would like to remind members that spam stands for “Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages” whenever you post anywhere, this is not limited to one, two, or three letter posts in general chat areas.

Advertising is allowed as a link in your profile (website field) or in your signature, but make sure your website is within our policy (no hate speech, porn etc). Links to fiat-based transaction sites (ala BitCoin) and are not tolerated and will be removed. And links to sites the sell warez like CD-Keys and money to/from credit and lootbox options are flatly denied. Viagra/Porn and bot spam is a different matter entirely; we will remove your bot accounts instantly and ban you (and your ip(s) and email(s) and link to your website).

Linking to a tool or resource outside of this forum is acceptable where a resource is not available in our forum. This even goes to links to websites for systems in development, whether it is among our affiliates or not. However, use of a thread to advertize the creation of a site requesting members, typically called 'forum solicitation' or 'fishing a forum for members', is not acceptable and may result in the thread being edited and the member warned.

If you spam or advertise if you be reminded nicely that your post was exactly that and linked back here. After that, you will receive up to three warnings. Continuation after this will result in a two day suspension, then a ban depending on the severity of the incident.

Off-topic Discussion/Hijacking

Have you ever made a topic looking for replies of a relevant subject only to find that someone has taken it onto something else? It is okay to have a small off topic discussion somewhat relevant to the topic. However if it completely consumes the topic you will be warned to take it somewhere else. A topic author may report his/her topic if this happens.


Hacking accounts or Phishing (stealing passwords) on the site or its users individually is earning an instant ban. This is not limited to posting websites to steal people’s cookies or passwords from other websites as well.

Posting programs or code which does this is also illegal and will not be tolerated on Save-Point. If you post websites to harm our site or our members, you will also get your website reported. And hacking the site will also get your IP reported to your internet service provider and blocked from our domain and we will/can block every proxy.

Remember, we are often able to tell who the offender is and when the hacking incidents happen.


Save-Point will not allow the linking to or display of (even in ascii art) of pornography or anything that depicts sexual acts, though mild nudity (in the form of art) may be allowed. Warez (software that has been stripped of its copy-protection) and Illegal Software are also not allowed under any circumstances. Likewise, we must forbid any discussions on reverse engineering or hacking existing software, particularly as it violates terms of use with game engine suppliers. If you want to share warez or discuss such techniques, please do this off-site. But we cannot permit topics discussing such content. This also includes what you put in signatures and avatars or anywhere on the site. On a side note, for any material that does not come between these terms and is still NSFW, please put them into spoilers labeled “NSFW” or something similar (see MyCodes for information on Spoilers). We expect all members of our forum to be age 13 and above and we take no responsibility for any lost innocence. :)

If you post as such you will be warned and have your post edited out/topic removed, second offense will lead to a suspension, and third will lead to a ban.


Plagiarism is a banning offense. If we find that a member posts material that was created by another person and blatantly claims it as his own, this member will be banned from the forum. We feel that plagiarists should learn that people work hard on their craft, and stealing their material is just that... stealing.

A.I. Gererated Content

Though material created by an A.I. generator draws from other works, such content is permitted despite possible claims of plagiarism (see above). However, if the source material of the A.I. work put forth request of removal, filed complaints, or the like, said A.I. work may not be posted and will be subject of removal. Said removal need not be approved by the poster of the A.I. work, but will be notified. Reposting of the work, or similar with said source content, would require a ban as it would indeed fall under the category of Plagiarism.

Within the forum, there is a board solely for Creativity. Any such work that is A.I.-Generated must be so 'tagged' from this date (2023/11/19 -YYYY/MM/DD) forward, and threads containing both A.I. and non-A.I. likewise include its own separate 'tag'. Said A.I./non-A.I. must identifiy the A.I. work with a notification clearly defining it (directly above or below), not merely concealed withi a description. The Material Resources and other like boards contain their own tags, thus cannot include such prefix 'tags'. However, they too will require notification directly above or below the works. This too includes written works, including software. Failure to comply may result in an official warning and a suspension of 2 days. However, it may result in an instant ban if such acts are intentionally repeated, again falling within the category of Plagiarism.

Member Account Responsibilities

Members accounts must conform to basic etiquette insofar as their username, avatar, signatures and other like material. Creating a username that is deemed to have been willfully offensive is prohibited. By offensive nature, the forum means anything of a racist, bigoted and/or of a pornographic or vulgar nature. The offending member will have their username changed and be sent the new username through the eMail account they used when registering. Members who voluntarily change their username to something offensive will receive a 3 day suspension, and will again have their username changed with said changes sent to their eMail.

Other material, be it avatar and/or signature graphics, must also conform to the same standards as covered in the forum rules or be summarily and immediately removed. Any attempt to post graphics of an adult or vulgar nature as part of a signature or avatar will be met with the member receiving the 3 day suspension and have said graphics and dialog erased. Repeat offenses may and will result in an instant ban.

Be advised. If you are a new member seeking to gain full membership privileges, we frown upon those who create spam-content merely to fully register. Such posts made to gain these privileges will be deleted, and can revert membership and remove the privileges they wish to attain.

Multiple Accounts/Impersonations

Members are not allowed to have multiple accounts (this may be excused if this is a relative or somebody you live with, please contact staff in the incident of so before he/she registers). Staff will question you if we find a multiple account on our hands, this may be a misunderstanding eg: College computers, libraries, and e-cafes where members may have used the same premises. If it turns out that it is the same person, staff may ban both/all accounts permanently or delete the 2nd/1st account depending on the circumstances.. Sometimes we will let you off without question if it is trivial, in which we will merge the accounts accounts together. The only real exception is Staff members as they may be permitted a second 'registered'-level account which allows them to test member privilege levels.

If staff feels that you are impersonating a member or someone else they will ask for evidence of you being that person, if your impersonation is obvious or you cannot provide evidence of being that person or if the original person has evidence against you, we will have no choice but to ban you. Impersonations for the mocking of other people however will warrant a ban and an IP ban on the spot.

Prohibited Account Addresses

As stated within the registration page itself, Save-Point has the right to test the credentials of its members. Since before our forum's rebranding, the use of TOR proxy services has been forbidden; this due to its use by hackers with malicious intent. As such, TOR use warrants banishment. And IP addresses that have been reported for eMail spam, hacking, DDos activities or any other infractions are also subject to banishment.

Further, the registration page also states that eMail addresses connected to disposable eMail services are forbidden. Along with disposable eMails, the use of mono-directional eMail services (those only send eMails and unable to receive) clearly indicates intent of spam content services. Even if the eMail is neither disposable nor mono-directional, they will be tested for malicious eMail spam activity. All of these cases, the use of disposable/mono-directional services or performing spam activity, are completely forbidden and warrants that the account is banned.

Respecting Staff Members

Please understand that staff members are here to make the forum a better site for everyone, not just hold the reigns, so our staff would like a bit of respect. Staff members of Save-Point are intended to be friendly, helpful and informative to members, let alone do their duties and help the overall community. This does not mean we want any members to get down on their knees and worship us, but we would like it if you treated us as you would like to be treated and appreciated for their hard work. The rules above also apply to staff.

When staff members enforces or reminds you of a rule, please do not be offended, the staff member is simply doing their job and there is nothing personal involved (unless you make that happen yourself). Staff members have the final say in what should happen in the forums (based on our judgment since we are responsible for the whole forums. If you think a staff member is unfair or bias without good reason please PM the main admin (which is Olivia) about why you think it is, providing a topic or evidence is necessary. Making controversial topics about staff (or even other members) in public often causes chaos and is unnecessary, to discourage this, staff members do not respond to these topics or/and they will be locked.

If you do not agree to these rules, please do not use the forums, and if there is anything you do not understand about the rules, please pm a member of staff.
Save-Point reserves the right to add to, alter, edit and/or revise these rules.
Thank you for reading the rules, hope you have a great time at Save-Point!

User Submissions & Member Rights of Ownership
Any material, information or other communications transmitted or posted to this website is still guaranteed to be the property of the creator(s) and/or owners of the initial work as protected by current copyright law. Do note that content generated by A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) technologies may not be subject to copyright laws, and are not guaranteed. Still, as Save-Point is a public forum for the free display and distribution of user submitted resources, any submitted resources and/or communication transmitted will be considered public domain unless noted within the member's own post. Classifying any material as an exclusive to Save-Point is left to the member and cannot be forced upon the member by this forum as protected by law. Save-Point has no obligations with respect to your Submissions regarding the data, images, sounds, text and other resources insofar as distribution to other sources, whether online or private.

Save-Point's Rights and Limitations
You are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from this website any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or other material that would violate any applicable law. You are required to indicate any A.I. generated content posted as being such. Save-Point is not responsible in any for screening, editing or monitoring such content. But if notified of allegedly infringing, defamatory, damaging, illegal, or offensive content, Save-Point may investigate the allegation and determine in its sole discretion whether to remove or request the removal of such content from the forum. Save-Point reserves the right to prohibit conduct, communication, or content that it deems in its sole discretion to be harmful to individual users, this or any forum, or to violate any applicable law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Save-Point cannot ensure prompt editing or removal of questionable content after online posting. Accordingly, neither Save-Point, nor its providers, shall assume any liability for any action or inaction with respect to conduct, communication, or content.