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 Tail Indicator Addon
Tail Indicator Addon
Version: 1.13
Originally designed by ParaDog, posted at
and by XRXS (Cherry Tree Elegance Resident in Earth), at

Also contains the original Japanese version.

Translated from the original Japanese code, this is an addon that allows you to create comicbook arrows/tails that point at the 'character' speaking. Initially designed as an add-on to the 'Event Messages' system, it is also compliant with the default system.

ParaDog Demo

Tail Indicator Addon (Japanese Version)
Tail Indicator Addon (English Translated)

Built into the script and translated for your convenience.

Message 'tail' graphics (to store in the Graphics\Windowskin folder)
[Image: 001-Blue01-top.png]
[Image: 001-Blue01-under.png]

Optional set
[Image: 001-Blue01-top_b.png]
[Image: 001-Blue01-under_b.png]

Given that this was created by a Japanese scripter, this system was not designed to be SDK compliant. While it is compliant with the default message system, there is no guarantee its compliance with other message systems.

Credits and Thanks
To ParaDog... obviously... for creating this excellent system, and Babelfish... yep... babelfish... for translation purposes.

Terms and Conditions
Right Here
Thanks given by:

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