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 Belly of the Beast (O.G. Version)

The publicly posted version of this game is the 2012 O.G. version I've submitted to the contest mentioned in the introduction below.

There is a modern day Project BEAST going on, which originated from this build long ago, but it now uses a hybrid engine and has a different cast of characters and a whole plethora of different features not available in this ancient demo. The have a lot of similarities, but they are not the same game. I won't be discussing much beyond that until it is ready.


Since I've already submitted this project to the 5 Minutes 10 Minutes Ago contest, I figured I might as well post it in completed projects too! There is a chance that I might do more with this game, it all depends on what kind of feedback I get between now and December 1st 2012, but I don't have much else planned.


Demons have been haunting an important empire trade town, it seems like they originate from the volcano to the east. The village elders begged the empire soldiers to not hunt the demons down, but their leader Basil isn't one to be ordered around by old geezers.


Aluxes: While a bit timid at times, he happens to be a reliable swordsman.
Basil: Leader of the empire troop tasked with hunting the demons.
Gloria: A budding cleric whom supports her team with healing.
Hilda: A young witch with the power to freeze fire and melt faces.


This is a short game, all I'm going to post is the title screen.
[Image: BOTBTitle_zps9c2b30c1.png]

(>> Download Here <<)

Other Media

Check out the "Lightning Strikes!" album, which has live versions of tracks from Beast.

Also, I've posted an entire playthrough video a couple posts down. (WARNING: This spoils all of Chapter 1.)

Credits & Thanks

Enterbrain for making RPG Maker and all the fun stuff that comes with it.
Kain Nobel for making misc graphics, music and scripts for the project.
My kids for assisting me with beta testing and adding lamp puzzles.
PK8 for inspiring a couple of features in the game.
SephirothSpawn for providing some of the scripted features.
Grajiva for providing me with a couple of graphics.
SDK and MACL authors for providing, well... the SDK and MACL of course! lol

Last but not least, a big special thanks to Steel Beast 6Beets for bringing O.G. version of The Beast back when I had lost it.
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It's been a little over two years since the contest ended, but I've still been passively working on this game. With that in mind, I had to grab this current version and play through it, if only to see how much different it is. The old version (currently uploaded) is alright but, as it stands now, the new version I'm working on is actually pretty damn good (in my opinion.) Some may or may not like the current game, as it stands, but I think more people would really enjoy the newer version.

Still, the purpose of this project since it's initial release wasn't really to "continue it", so to speak, but to use it as a script testing project as well as some proof of concept for another game I'm working on. Regardless, the second chapter is almost done and it adds approximately 2½ hours of extra content to the game, as well as a new menu, new battle system, more heroes, more enemies, brand new skills and animations, more custom music and sound effects, things of that nature. Matter of fact, one of the caverns in the new version, I played a short guitar ballad for the BGM and it turned out really nice.

Also, I've got screenshots for the new, unreleased version of the game!

Screen Shots

WARNING : Image Heavy!

Content Hidden

Closing Statements

I'm not sure when this new version will be finished, it's low priority since I'm working on ReGaL and Echoside. When I do get time and inspiration to finish this, I'll let you guys know. For now, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, hit me up! :)
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WANTED : Old Version of this Project

I'm just curious; did anybody ever downloaded the ancient version of this project? Would you still happen to have a copy?

I'd like to repost the old version for historical purposes. This has been lost. Good, bad or ugly I want to preserve it.

This project was launched a decade ago for some contest (I can't even remember who won but I don't think it was me.)

Lots of things have changed since then, and I'm now designing the 6th dungeon of this game - it is deadly, nasty and unfair.

My daughter wants to play the old version of the game (she hates the new version, too fast paced and difficult.)

The old version, as far as I remember it, used all default resources. I don't even think it used a custom menu or battle system, I think those were defaults too. The cast was definitely old RPG Maker XP stock. The only thing original was the music. Speaking of...

"Lightning Strikes!" Album Has Remade BEAST Tracks

My signature (at date of this post) has links to the "Lightning Strikes!" album; most of tracks on that album are remade versions of BEAST music with live guitars.

(NOTE : "Wicked Underground" is the only track on the album that remains unchanged. It is the same track that appears in the oldest copy of this game.)

What is the Current Version Like?

I've only released the 2012 version but I still work on this (mostly as a test bed, but it is a fully fleshed game too. An open experiment of sorts.)

I probably won't release a new version until REGAL is finished, because the two are intertwined. This can't be helped.

Changes Between 2012 and Now...

The New Cast Consists of...

Events From Where it Left Off... (Spoilers)
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FOUND : Old Version of this Project

Thanks to Steel Beast 6Beets for bringing The Beast back!

He has privately PM'd me the O.G. Version and shall forever be in the Special Thanks section of the credits!

What that means is the link above has been restored! Thanks a million! And, if that ever goes down, I've saved it (of course!)


NEW VIDEO : Belly of the Beast O.G. Longplay

SPOILER ALERT! : I've uploaded an entire playthrough video; no commentary, no edits, no gimmicks.

This is when Beast was in it's pure infancy stage; No special menus. No special battle system. No animated battlers. No run, jump, swim, climb, push, pull, etc. Stock characters.

The great thing about this stage of the game's timeline is the sheer simplicity and it's minimalistic approach to development.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the video! Feel free to like and subscribe (because if you don't I will haunt you in your dreams and bring you chaos (Just kidding!))

Contemplation : Bringing Back Chapter 2?

I'm not promising to bring back Chapter 2 but I am definitely thinking about it. If you see the 2nd post, with a bunch of screenshots dealing with snow and such, yes I did fully flesh that area out and finish it. It's too bad I didn't just release it when it was ready, but I got busy with work and life (and the lack of balance in work-life.)

So I may bring back Chapter 2; it would need to be retroactively forked to the O.G. build. Would require some work, but this is feasible I believe.

Anything beyond it? Highly doubtful I'd retroactively add Chapters 3 through 8 because of internal changes in the game engine and other technical difficulties. It'd be too much working backwards when I'm trying to push forward. I'd rather finish the REGAL engine and all its components, for which the modern game is built on. By the time it is all done, BEAST will probably be one solid release from beginning to end with no preview demos, betas or anything like that.
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