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 What's on your mind?
That;s okay, I decided to splurge on myself at McDonalds today, got two Big Macs, fries, nuggets. I was like "$15 bucks? Oh well, wont be doing THAT every day" and then I found out that the guy in front of me had bought my meal. So I did the same... dude behind me was getting a McFlurry... that was it... WIN!
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Ugh... another tale of someone getting it wrong:
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Greta DELETED the Tweet since it is now past the 5 year deadline she gave us and the Earth.

So the facts and fiction of Climate Change alarmists kinda hit me... and they have literally been wrong time and time again for at least fifty years!!!!

* According to Mr. Spock, we should be in igloos...

* Kerry doesn't have a science degree. And Santa's Workshop shouldn't even exist now.

In 1970, The Boston Globe said we were heading for an Ice Age from air pollution. The Guardian claimed in 1974 that Spy Satellites saw the Ice Age coming Fast. Conversely, Neil DeGrass Tyson said that the Statue of Liberty would be more than waist deep in melted Glacier water in 2014.

The climate changes all the time. And no one has ever been held accountable for any of these incorrect predictions. The temperatures we had last year were nothing compared to the 100+ degrees (or 38 celsius) temps with "Red Alert air quality index" warnings that I experienced during the mid 80s.
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