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 What are YouTubing?
In preparations to turn myself into an animation sweatshop...

...Music to stream for an hour while attempting to become an animation sweatshop...

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Thinking I've never paid too much attention to how anything was animated in 2D or 3D, to be honest with you all.
Now that he analyzed Rock Howard's animations, now it seems quite obvious and stylish indeed. Shocked
Happy with a sweat Well, at least for 2D animation. After watching his video, I feel quite disappointed at what 3D animator have accomplished in modern fighting games. Confused

On the other side, I've managed to grab a nice Wild West tileset from the web... not suited for RMXP for sure. Even so, I was able to find a way to make it look as natural as in RMMV but still retaining many of the so called 32px limitations of RMXP and RMVX ACE tilesets. Happy with a sweat OK, not so much on the ACE part. Tongue sticking out

I am one of the guys that truly believes in using the 32 px wide and high tilesets. (Yes, I know he's using a 16px wxh template on the clip.) It's like they somehow keep the old fashion RM2K feeling that you lose in RMMV or even RMMZ. I guess Mx series were more parallax mapping oriented than previous editions so they don't care that much on old style stuff. Perhaps it attempts to look eye catchy in a totally different way because of their newly found Cellphone cellphone audience.
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