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 What's on your mind?
Dunno about that. The whole thing doesn't seems staged to me. I'll wait until more info comes to light before passing judgement.

Besides, being a Kardashian robbery truther strikes me as fairly ridiculous, to be honest.
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This is accurate:
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So I've been going through a pretty rough period emotionally, and it's led to the decision, among others, that I need to take a break from Facebook and Twitter. Successfully been inactive on both for a few days now.
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(10-05-2016, 07:49 PM)Ahzoh Wrote: This is accurate:

Totally agreed
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A certain candidate for President's advertisements have been very disgusting as of late.
Using kids with cancer, kids with autism, fake representatives of the opposite party, more kids, kids, kids, more kids...

When their advertisements hit TV, I can't tell if it's a Shriner's Hospital for Children ad or a political ad. It's becoming quite disturbing.

I can't wait for this election to be over.  Indifferent
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Dang last night was killer. Everything was slow, even downloads.. @_@
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I blame the NSA Tongue sticking out
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Well Trump won the election, so I hope nothing happens.
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In my humble and honest opinion, none of them were the best candidates out there to become the next president, but I guess no more confidential emails will keep leaking out of the White House, he, he he. XD I wonder if WikiLeaks will find anything interesting concerning Trump's past like they did with "Hillarious" Clinton and how real those pedofilia ring claims might be. That Spirit Cooking part sounds laughable at first.
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Ehh... I wasn't a fan of either one them anyway. So I didn't even vote. That and I didn't have the opportunity to vote due to some real life transportation issues. (I have no method of transportation)
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