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 The Things the Barbarian Gets the Paladin to Do
Trust me guys, I didn't come up with this.
I got this from a youtube video recounting pen-n-paper RPG stories.
Unfortunately, no names were attributed.

The Things the Barbarian Gets the Paladin to Do

I was DMing the party, my wife was playing a paladin with a hippogriff for her mount, and our friend was a Barbarian.  The party had accidentally stirred up the undead around an orc villate; they'd been forced to retreat into a box canyon, and the entrance to the canyon was completely blocked by hundreds of skeletons.

Unfortunately, nobody had brought any blunt weapons, so all their attacks were suffering damage reduction, and it was taking forever for them to do any real damage to the skeletons.

The Barbarian had a quick chat with the Paladin.

His suggestions was that she should get on her hippogriff, fly up to about one-hundred feet, then jump off, curl into a ball, and drop into the skeletons to do bludgeoning damage to them. After all, he reasons, falling damage from that altitude would only be 10d6, but she'd cause 10d6 damage to any skeletons she hit. she could hit multiple skeletons, and it'd probably kill a bunch of them.

And then...

She did it!  She actually did it! She flew up to one-hundred feet, shouted "Cowabunga!", jumped off, curled into a ball, and went rolling through the skeletons like a cannonball!

Now, whenever they're facing difficult odds, the Barbarian's first suggestion is "Hey, Paladin, remember when you went bowling for skeletons...?"
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I guess master Splinter Mouse would be extremely proud of her. Happy with a sweat
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