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 Temporal Conflict
I'm thinking about changing the project's name again. I don't have any ideas for the new name yet, so I'll rename the project when I find a suitable name. The first word in the title, is obviously going to be Temporal.

Gotta make sure there's no ip from someone else that uses the project's game name, so I'm gonna google the game name ideas and find a suitable name for this project.
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[Image: attachment.php?aid=1178]

So this little bit of dialogue is a unique interaction between Akiko and Isuri before the round count, as with most Fighting Games. It's also a little homage to Sonic and Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2.

I'll... uhh.... now that I am looking at the image... I'll Delete the first "even" in Isuri's line. I'll probably change both lines a bit to be a bit more original with it.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=1214]

I guess, when bored out of my mind, and not wanting to do something, make a script for mirror matches (A.K.A. The character's opponent is his/herself). I seem to enjoy doing that for some reason.

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Funny thing....... I CHANGED MY MIND!

Before, I announced that the game would use the Unreal Engine. It's not. Instead it will be developed in Unity. Not really quite know the true reason behind this mind change, to be honest.
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That sounds weird because you are denying that you'd ever use unreal and unity. So which one will you use then? Laughing
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Oh. That's a typo. I'll fix that.

Aaaand done. fixed the typo, kind of.
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I haven't really started much of this, due to focusing on other projects, or taking a break and playing games with friends and online buddies. However, I have been coming up with some ideas. Especially when it comes to releasing in the future once the game does get fully released. This is going to be my first commercial game after all.

So in terms of releasing.... I was thinking something like this.
  • The normal release - Pretty much a normal way of releasing it, right now I'm thinking of sticking with a PC disc, like the old days, for then. Then I'll see if I can release the game on Steam, and or something. Of course, like before, each one will have a different starting set of characters and a campaign.
  • PS/Xbox/Nintendo release - Only if they ask me to. I won't do it because I have no Dev Kit for any one of these, so They'll have to provide a Dev Kit, or I buy one, in order for me to do such a thing. But if I do, It'll probably be a matching version of the normal PC release.
  • Finale Version release - This one is when I'm done with the game story stuff, and decide to finish the story. It'd be the more complete version, but I wouldn't let the players who have the other versions (the ones with the starting set of characters and campaign) hanging. Since this would comprise of just a campaign, this version will have all starting sets of characters and campaigns, excluding the finale, unlocked. The finale campaign would have to be unlocked by completing all the other campaigns that came before it.
  • ALL PLATFORMS EDITION release - This one I thought up at the last second. This release would be just the Finale Version release, but you would have physical and digital releases for all of the platforms the normal and finale version releases would have been on. But This is just an idea, as I don't think the companies that run all the platforms, especially the PC DRM launcher Platforms, would cooperate, but it's an idea if they do.
That's pretty much what I thought in terms of releasing, I also have some of the beginning of a couple of campaigns thought up, but not etched in stone, and I'm still making some scripts for this, but for now, it's a thing to share an idea for myself to keep thinking about it.

Oh. And I've thought up a name, and checked if any company had copyright it, so far as I know, the new game title name is not copyrighted yet. So yay. I'll announce that later.
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2 things, really. First off, the project's new game name will be called Temporal Conflict. Figured that'd be more appropriate since I have the story pretty much planned out, mostly. Secondly, I made a draft of the left and right HP bars.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1467][Image: attachment.php?aid=1466]
They're big because I might've not actually measured them before putting them in. Right now I'm just doing a rough draft of what the bars in the game will be like, this one would probably be more of a Placeholder than anything else. Oh well.

I got bored while waiting for a game I wanted to play yesterday to reinstall, since my internet connection isn't fast, and it uses both a launcher and the Windows Store (for some reason). So I am trying to kill some time. And I just remembered. Ah! I still got that project I could make draft images for, since I'll have to reinstall RPG Maker 2003-MV (Steam Versions) again. So why not. I'll continue this for a bit to kill some time.

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.png   HP Bar_R.png (Size: 20.27 KB / Downloads: 45)
.png   HP Bar_L.png (Size: 20.16 KB / Downloads: 45)
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Alright, renamed the thread and everything, so now that the game title's up to date here.

Anyway, I'm going to play around with Unity for a little while to get used to it, as the last time I played around with it was me deciding on game engines.
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Thanks with the help of my mom thinking of american names, I guess I'm a bit too weeb to think of good ones, The name of the first original character is called Dr. Robert Massler. Dr. Robert Massler, in the game story, is the one who had originally started the Temporal Project, but had since canceled it after an outcome gone bad. He no longer continues the Temporal Project, but an assistant now does, as requested from the President of the United States. He is considered, in my head, the main character, even though he is not a playable character. He takes the observer and guide role in the story.

Also I had a teaser planned, so I made a script. I'm gonna need to take time to afford a mac or something for an image of freaking planet Earth, or use Google Earth, but then I would have to give Google some royalty, so I better look at maps, and maybe a globe, to try to draw earth while I'm in the drawing mood.

So I present to you, one small tiny part of the teaser document.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1484]
Why did I blur out the rest? Because I didn't want to show the whole script. I mean really. I am rusty when it comes to writing, and I had thought scripts would do some kind of justice. I could be wrong, but I think I'll show the script to my mom, so she could give me some tips, and recommends what changes need made. But that first part, that part that's shown, is okay.

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.png   Part of the Teaser Script.png (Size: 83.98 KB / Downloads: 18)
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