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 RoboClash: Conflict {DISCLAIMER: rated Adult: Contains Nudity}
WARNNING: This game is rated Adults Only, it contains: A little bit of nudity, swearing and violence. If this stuff makes you uncomfortable do not play it.
Hi, this is my first mecha tactical RPG I made in RMVX . I got writers block while I was working on it and I would like to know what everyone who plays the game thinks should happen after the last map. Please note that I am still working on this and the character art is not final. My college friend is currently working on the character art. I am also recruiting voice actors and actress at Creation Asylum. Here is a link to the topic if you are interested in voice acting
-Brief Story Summery-

In the 29th century earth had a long break from wars. It seemed like everything had settled down. People were relieved and thankful for the long rest of war. However by the end of the 30th century strange alien robots suddenly attacked Earth so they could have the planet for themselves. The army and other services were unable to stop them. So by they created their own giant robots to pilot and stop the aliens.

It is now the beginning of the 31st century and the aliens have basically won but not quite.

Main characters:
Galactic Star Team:
[Image: yuiface.png]
Yui Ayato
Gender: Male

Profile: Yui is the leader of the Galactic Star Team. He pilots the robot Black Fire. However he is very lazy and tries to skip pilot training every chance he gets. Other than that he has a good since of humor and is a skilled pilot.
[Image: anya0.png]
Anya Subaki
Gender: Female
Profile: Anya is a very smart woman. She pilots the robot Artemis which is the hardest one to pilot and has extremely long range attack. Unlike everyone else she can figure things out very easily.
[Image: toyaface.png]
Toya Hokimoto
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Profile: Toya is very quiet and doesn’t really talk very much. He is shy and nervous around new people and usually won’t talk to just anyone. He pilots the robot Burning Star which is rather weak in defense but can do a lot of damage if properly used.
[Image: hayateface.png]
Hayate Mitsu
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Hayate is Yui’s half-brother and is very sensitive and takes things too personally sometimes. He pilots the robot Psychic Wraith that has a very long range just like Anya’s.

Supporting characters:
Iris Team:
[Image: kaiface.png]
Kai Tsunami
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Profile: Kai is the leader of the Iris team and though he may seem tough he is actually a very kind person. He pilots the air robot Angelic Wings that has very high defense and a close and long rang attack. However because his robot flies he is weak against anything that is an anti-air or laser fire and gun attacks.
[Image: annabella.png]
Annabella Luise
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Profile: Annabella is Kai’s best friend perhaps even girlfriend. However sometimes she acts silly and likes to bug people. She pilots the robot Althena and has a high chance of landing a critical hit on an enemy.
[Image: leonb.png]
Leon Smith
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Profile: Leon is a very high spirited person and loves to work out. Instead of piloting a normal robot he pilots a giant mecha suit that is a little bit smaller than a robot he is immune to critical hits and restores HP automatically depending on how much damage he takes.

Screen Shots:
[Image: rctitlescreen.png]

[Image: battle1screen.png]

[Image: battle2screen.png]

[Image: eventscreen1.png]

[Image: eventscreen2.png]

[Image: roomtohnagerscreen.png]

[Image: sroomscreen.png]

Demo with RTP:

GubiD's tactical battle system
Message Window is from Dragoness Edge
Faces are recolors from studio E.go and are not final
midis are from bomberman64 and bomberman hero
mp3 song is the openning event is from Star Ocean EX
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Wow, I just want to play Izumo again thanks to you.

What can I say...?
Graphically, the characters rips are real fuzzy - the white outline is VERY visible.
The title screen is well... ugly. Sorry, but this is the honest truth.
I think I recognize the message picture used in Dragoness Edge as well.

My initial impression is rather bad, I must say. I'll still download out of curiosity to see if I have some advice to give.
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I don't like your comment! I'm tired if this ever time I release a game thinking its going to be good everyone says it's not! I'm never going to be able to make a good game....

EDIT: SorryI shouldn't say that, but that's how I feel. Everytime I make a game it always fails. I feel like I'll never be sucessful.
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I must say that while I do agree with kread, he mentioned exclusively the bad parts. By bad parts, of course, I mean what needs to be fixed. There are a lot of things I like about RoboClash. The windowskin is nice, the art is good and while you don't say much about the story, it sure sounds interesting.

That title screen doesn't match the overall quality at all. I could make you one if you'd like. As Kread also mentioned, there is whiteness around your character graphics that should be transparent. If you are unable to fix it, I can once again be of assistance.

Other than that, I would definitively reduce the amount of characters. You should rather focus on 3-4 characters and develop distinct personalities for these. Such an amount of characters tend to scare people away from threads. It also makes it hard for players to remember who is who. It doesn't need lots of characters to be a good story. Not at all. Here is a golden rule for you: The characters are parts of the story. Never add characters because there are too few, or because some more would be cool. When there is need of one, you should make one. Otherwise it wont feel natural.
Tech Administrator of Save-Point

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I don't agree with him because, I made the robots in the game that way but shrinking battlers and putting them in a sprite sheet because I cannot find enough robots for all the characters. Also please read the first post. I said the artwork for the characters is not final.

EDIT: Forgot to mention yes I need a new title screen I agree about that and for some reason I cannot get the whiteness around the characters to disappear.
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Quote:I don't agree with him because, I made the robots in the game that way but shrinking battlers and putting them in a sprite sheet because I cannot find enough robots for all the characters.
I'm not quite sure what you mean with this. But I think I know some good sources. First of all, here is a converter you'll have to use for some of them:
xp to vx

A game with lots of xp robots. It is unencrypted, and everything is free for use

Over at they also have some good ones
Tech Administrator of Save-Point

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Thank you I'll check it out.

EDIT: I just noticed what you said about the characters. I cannot reduce the amount because I need all of them I marked Kai, Annabella, and Leon of the Iris Team as supporting characters and I'm not getting rid of them because the second Robo Clash, that will be called Robo Clash2: Alien Wars will focus more on them.
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Sorry for editing, if you don't have anything to say about this project, just don't post and avoid arguments of any sort.
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That is definitively a step in the right direction. Spend a lot of time on your characters. Be not afraid of making them, shall I say excessively, unique.

I downloaded and played the demo and I must say that it looks quite good so far. Lots of room for improvement however. While the dialogue is good, there are certain ones that you should take a second look at. The mapping isn't bad, but these tutorials can help you a lot. I'll be working on that title screen ;)

EDIT: Ok, so I made a title screen. It's sort of minimalistic/simplistic, but I hope you will like it:
Content Hidden

In case you are very fond of that Japanese text, here is another version:
Content Hidden
However, I wouldn't suggest so. The rpg maker community is mostly English speaking. ;)
Tech Administrator of Save-Point

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Thank you Valdred I'll take a look at the tutorials. The title screen will
be used in the next demo when my college friend is done with the character art. Did you play the demo all the way through? I kind of need help on what should happen next to keep it interesting. Do you have any ideas if you played it all the way through? You don't have to post them here you can just PM me.
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