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 Temporal Conflict
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1098]

Trying the Unreal Engine. This was what I can do for now. Going to figure out the kinks before trying out Unity. I called it "TrainingRoom" in case I decided to use the Engine. I haven't decided it yet, so I'm going to keep trying it out every now and then, while doing other things.

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Last try out for the day, I made a room. I later worked on it a bit more to see what I can do with it. So yeah, still trying to get the grips, but this is the start of trying it out.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1099]

As my dad once said, I could learn by playing around with the programs, so I'll be doing that with both the Unreal Engine and Unity, though Unity is last, as it got an update recently.

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Another Engine!?!?

A third game engine has entered into the game engine choice debate, and oddly enough, it's from amazon.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1103]

This little engine, I have yet to actually try when I first heard about it. It's free, like Unity and the Unreal Engine, but I almost actually forgotten about it, though I'm quite unsure on what I'll be able to do with it, so I'll be playing around with Amazon Lumberyard after Unity.

Speaking of Unity, I'm trying Unity out now, though I'm only playing around with it for now.

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Felt like making some BARS in Paint.NET. I might use them for the project.

I actually made a quick draft for a Health bar on the Left Side.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1113]

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The Unity Engine has Tutorials. That's nice. I guess I'll check these out before playing with it.
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...... I feel like I didn't learn a thing from doing all the tutorials on Unity. I guess it's time to play around with Unity, then try out the next, and final, game engine. That final one... is Amazon's Game Engine, called Lumberyard.
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Welp, played with what I can with Unity, now it's time for Lumberyard to get the same "Play with it" thing like the other two..... as soon as I figure out how to make a completely new project.
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Apparently it's going to take a bit longer than I thought. I will have to install some SDKs to get Lumberyard to the point where I can make a completely new project, then I'll be playing with it. so it's going to take a while...

Edit: Oh good. it's done. Now I can actually play with the engine without messing up the other game projects that came with the engine.
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The final Verdict (Which game engine am I gonna use?)

So after days and days of playing around, and seeing what works, I have come to a complete decision, but first... Here's what I can do with each game engine I tried right now.

-TheĀ Unreal Engine-
This one, I actually was able to do a bit of, in terms of playing around. Though I had starter assets in the project, I was able to make a map, though with a few more days of using it, I think I could make a good map, given some more time. I didn't figure out how to do a lot in the time I did, but if I choose this one, I'll probably learn a few things.

I could make projects, but compared to the Unreal Engine, it was a bit harder. Sure it's possible to use this engine to its full extent, but with the knowledge I have about it, I can't really do much. Making a landscape I can do though, but making full blown games with this would take longer to learn than the engine above. And based on the options I have when creating new projects, I don't think I can mix 2D Sprites with 3D maps. But I'm sure, after an update or two, that might change. But for now.... well... this might be out.

-Amazon Lumberyard-
After all that time on getting the SDKs, I create a project, and it doesn't even work. Like seriously. I can't actually get into the game editor. I might've been doing something wrong, but for now... I can't do anything with this. Sorry Amazon.

So after days of taking a bit of a load off, due to Amazon Lumberyard not working like I wanted it to, I finally come to this decision.

This game, like a few recent games, will be using The Unreal Engine. It won't be the first fighting game to use this engine, but at least I can do a few more things than the other two choices.

With that said, I will be putting this back on Hiatus. So that I can focus on other project(s) before officially starting this one, that way some stories can be told before this starts.

I better uninstall the other two game engines before starting too, that way I have more HDD Space to use while developing. Just in case. Oh. and I might have to update the Unreal Engine, in case that has an update since last I used it.
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Well, if you don't need UE3 or 4 scripting language then yeah go ahead, especially if you don't care about messing with C++ programming stuff sooner or later. Laughing
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