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 The Monster you would (not) like to become in a Phantasy World
If you had the chance to become a monster of any kind, which one would you like to become?
If for any (good) reason you would not like to be turned into a monster, what monster should you never become ever?

I know for sure I would be scared to become such a horrible monster like Shabranigdo in Slayers or any Pokémon or Digimon, I wouldn't doubt to pay anyone with chests full of gold coins to avoid that at all costs.

On the other hand I guess we already know what monster would DerVVulfman love to become...
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Please, never let me turn into one!  Sad
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id like to be the sky whale from grandia 3 so i could just fly around and chill with pirates and shit my giant whale turds on unsuspecting people
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Id love to be a prinny dood.
however, I'd hate being a malboro.
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