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 The Monster you would (not) like to become in a Phantasy World
If you had the chance to become a monster of any kind, which one would you like to become?
If for any (good) reason you would not like to be turned into a monster, what monster should you never become ever?

I know for sure I would be scared to become such a horrible monster like Shabranigdo in Slayers or any Pokémon or Digimon, I wouldn't doubt to pay anyone with chests full of gold coins to avoid that at all costs.

On the other hand I guess we already know what monster would DerVVulfman love to become...
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Just some scripts I've already published on the board...
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Please, never let me turn into one!  Sad
id like to be the sky whale from grandia 3 so i could just fly around and chill with pirates and shit my giant whale turds on unsuspecting people
1. kick ass
2. take names
3. ???
4. profit
Id love to be a prinny dood.
however, I'd hate being a malboro.

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