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 Let's have some contests
I've got just the idea this place may be looking for to give this place a bit of a boost in activity.

We should come up with some ideas for contests to run. Contests that'll help everyone involved improve their skills, be it scripting, mapping, or whatever else. Also, we should come up with some sweet incentives to get people to participate. Maybe lots of Save-Points? Maybe some prizes? I don't know.

Let's just use this thread to go all out and brainstorm.
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Maybe a contest where we create unique attack animations?

I know lots of people have trouble with those, so perhaps we could all focus on getting better and making them for the contest!  Happy

No idea what the prize would be, though.  Tongue sticking out
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*DerVV slaps PK8 around with a trout for not using a prefix icon*

We gots a thread for Contest ideas in the staffroom, P'. Mebby you should be working on planning one. Send out PM feelers to people to see what they think. Oh, and ask yamina-chan about the whole 'internet countdown timer for contests' thingie she suggested to greenraven. Winking
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okay, well the RTP contest, I like it most of all, focuses on the storyline and four major categories

* Content - The more content the better, judged on 1 to 10
* Storyline - Are there really good plot points, do characters have that story feel? 1 to 10
* Clarity - Are the maps either easy to understand, puzzles actually work correctly? 1 to 10
* Creativity - Even though it IS the RTP, how creatively unique is the game? 1 to 10

Do it like that, with a basic theme per contest, like "Goblin Raid!" , "Gem falls out of sky!", "War between two kingdoms!" or so on and so forth, and this theme is not broadcast until the day OF the start of the build, so no one gets an undue jump on everyone else.
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