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 Three bugs discovered in showthread page
I just came across three bugs in the site's showthread pages. The running theme for all of three of them being that the javascript that's required for these things to work is generally broken.
  • This one's a fairly important bug that should be fixed. Clicking on the Report link does not do anything as it links to a Javascript function that seems to be non-existent. There isn't even a noscript alternative for it, which renders reporting anything impossible.
  • A fairly small bug that's not worth losing sleep over is the lack of a popup menu ('Quick Edit', 'Full Edit') that normally occurs when clicking on the edit button below one's post.
  • Jump to Page doesn't work either.
Fixed. Fixed, and Fixed. It was related to the old themes we had in use. The older MyBB 1.6 format of the themes were not compatible with the newly upgraded 1.8 software and totally disabled all three.

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