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 RPG Maker Tones for the Web!
RPG Maker Tones for the Web
A not quite accurate experimental recreation of RPG Maker's toning.

What is this?
For about the past week or so, I worked on what is a very experimental web-based tool. It's my attempt to bring RPG Maker's toning to the web through the use of HTML5/CSS3 and some admittedly bad Javascripting. This makes very heavy use of the new CSS blend mode properties.

You may find this tool rather useful for your Tone Testing needs. However, keep in mind this is not the be-all and end-all of web-based tone testing tools as this is largely experimental. Some aspects of this tool may not even be accurate compared to the methods PC RPG Makers use when handle Toning.

Which browsers supports it?
Currently, it's not as cross-browser as it could be. The tool is pretty much centered around the mix-blend-mode CSS property, so if you're seeing nothing but a black background as the page's background, then your browser isn't capable of doing that (yet).

If you're running into the black background issue as a Chrome user, then chances are, the property is 'hidden' behind an Experimental Features flag and you will need to enable this yourself.

Author's Note
One day, I discovered that certain web browsers had implemented blend modes in CSS. I then had an idea I wanted to do and decided to do a very quick, basic experiment to see if I could recreate RPG Maker Tones on the web. I kind of did. So in a fit of excitement, I decided to create this.

Unfortunately, I learned a little too late it's not cross-browser so I'm considering putting together a new version of this tool that features a better UI and plays nice with all modern browsers. It's coming in a few weeks.

To anyone who's proficient at web development along with mathematics and color is reading this: If you can figure out how to make this tool considerably accurate compared to how RPG Maker handles Tones, feel free to write suggestions on how to do so.

RM Tones for the Web: Basic
RM Tones for the Web: Interactive Demo

Save-Point logo demo
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