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 Chara Maker 1999
Cheery Hello again. Your local Silne30 speaking. I was talking to Dervvulfman the other day and was telling him that I was doing some recolors. He let me know that Graphics Gale, (a tool that he posted on this forum) was great for that. So I downloaded graphics gale and loaded my picture. Then i went to the palette so I could edit the colors there , hence doing a recolor. There was a small problem though...there were colors in the palette that weren't actually used in the picture. So Kain taught me a little trick with Chara Maker 1999. All you have to do is load your picture in Chara Maker 1999 and save it again. What that does is archives the colors in the palette and only the colors that will be in the palette are actually the ones in your picture. Then you can use graphics gale to change the properties of the colors, hence performing a recolor. Chara maker is also great for spriting as well. Welp, without further chatter, I hope you enjoy.

Chara Maker 1999

Edit: So sorry folks. You probably would like a screenshot. Here ya go.

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thanks, but i use Photoshop for all my recoloring needs ;)
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Photoshop is pretty messy and complicated for making sprites. I keep getting tiny white edges and the eraser sucks, especially at high zooms. I might like to check out Chara maker 1999 ^^
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