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 Maps and screenshots thread
Progress from my next town. The entry gate at the top, the docks with a warehouse, a yacht club, and a boat store in the wild area between the area gate and the town entrance. It's about 300x300 without much to the right of the cutoff. 

[Image: MjU0kN9.png]
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Looks pretty nice. I was going to comment on it being scarcely populated compared to the other towns you posted before until I read this is the area before the actual city.

The half building by the boats looks kind of odd at first blush, tho.
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I did some populating. All these buildings do something fun!

[Image: WgX8H6N.png]
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Now that's more like I expected. I love that at first sight, you can't really tell what each building does... except, perhaps the one in the upper right corner. The tables and chairs outside makes think it could possibly be a restaurant.
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Almost done with this half of the city. That's a cafe on a balcony of a large hotel/conference center. The domed building is a radio station, and the blue roofed building is gummint services. Aside from those two everything else here is some sort of shopping. The four story building with the three entrances at the base is an office building with a shopping center.

[Image: bzDH5eK.png]
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What are those wooden structures doing close to the hotel alias conference center!? Confused What are they?
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I'm impressed at the speed you're working here.

That lone tent tucked away near the sea/lake caught my attention.

(01-18-2023, 01:45 AM)kyonides Wrote: What are those wooden structures doing close to the hotel alias conference center!? Confused What are they?
It looks to me like somebody is building a house over there.
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Indeed it is a construction site. The tent is some guy camping by the riverbed. There are a conspicuous number of refugees in the background of act 1. A town is buried in snow, but they're not all from that one town. 

[Image: Phayfqa.png]

A lot of games I've played offer Civic Creationism, where every town is presented in its same perfect form in which it was conceived 4,000 years ago. Instead, I wanted to show Civic Evolution and have things that are still in progress as you play through the game. I have a few of these in different towns, this one here is to block your line of sight around this cave entrance so if you see it, it's just barely so. 

[Image: ItDmT3s.png]

I found this map I made back in '16. It was my first attempt at a 500x500 modern city. The 300x300 cities I'm making now would've been impossible without this practice city I did 7 years ago

[Image: dhZijV7.jpg]
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The asphalt roads in the last map make the place look significantly more modern. Also, do I see advertising road signs near the bridge to the city?

Aside from that, your idea of showing a city being built through the game reminded me of something. Take a look at this:

[Image: Rodhan.png]

This is Rodhan, a small town visited early in my game. I originally intended for the house in the upper right to be left as it is but now I think it's going to be finished as soon as the characters gain the ability to fast travel to towns.
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yeah that was all a modern city with streets and sidewalks. there were billboards for things inside the city along the roads in and out of town. the idea was to take a bus to go from one side of the map to the other. some of those ideas may make their way into my newest iteration. The big city I'm working on right now has that ludicrously long riverbed from my 2016 city built into it.

How are you handling the building progress? My construction sites are too layered to make out of event tiles, so im going to bring back the cities as different maps in acts 2 and 3 with various levels of progress.
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