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 [Hiatus] Windowskin Generator Contribution Thread
Alright, this is the official thread to the RPG Maker XP Windowskin Generator Contribution Thread.

This generator I'm working on has to be a community effort if it's going to be any good. Of course, it'll be focused on windowskins for RPG Maker XP.

Here's how it works. If you'd like to participate in this, go right ahead! For those who are participating, I'm going to ask you guys to submit all kinds of Windowskin parts like backgrounds, selectors and all sorts of other stuff. You will be given credit in contributing to the RMXP Windowskin generator. Before you submit anything, please make sure your stuff works by testing your windowskins in RPG Maker XP.

For those who want to submit Windowskins but are pretty new to it, check out this tutorial Xilef once posted and the Windowskins section of RPG Maker XP's Materials page. Also, make use of Xilef's Windowskin Template.

Okay, please submit your stuff in this order and spoiler your content. I would also prefer if you submit your content in PNG format.
  • Backgrounds
    Usually consists of solid colors and gradients.
  • Background Patterns
    Consists of patterns which should loop on all fours such as half-tone patterns.
  • Background Other
    Other elements you can add to a background. I'm not sure what but hey, go ahead.
  • Window Borders
  • Scrolling Arrows
    "The arrows are used to indicate that scrolling is possible in a given window."
  • Selection Box / Command Cursor (Whole)
    Pretty much the inner and outer parts of the selection box.
  • Selection Box / Command Cursor (Exterior)
    The two pixel frame surrounding the selection box is the only part that will not stretch.
  • Selection Box / Command Cursor (Interior)
    The graphic inside the 2px selector box frame will stretch.
  • Pause Animation / Continue Message Animation
    Four frame animation of the pause graphic. (Refer to
  • Arrow Cursors
    "The arrow cursor, used in battles to select actors and enemies, is a two-frame animation measuring 32x32 pixels. While it's not actually part of the window, it's included in this file for convenience."

Note: Please submit your content in a wide array of colors/brightnesses. That will really help the generator out.

Thanks for helping out and I'm looking forward to us putting in a community effort and making this thing happen.
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--Bad connection when I tried entering an hour ago--

Call me curious.

I am unfamiliar with the system you are working with to create the generator, so I do not know if it is possible. But can you include a 'HUE' or set of 'RGB' slider bars to adjust the color of the selected resources? Like... you select a cool looking blue window border and you move the sliders to change the border itself to golden yellow while leaving the rest of your designed windowskin intact?

Just a thought. Again, I am not familiar with the system you are using. But it could reduce the number of resources required.
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Nope, we can't adjust the hues of the items. (I wish.) :(
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How exactly are you making the generator? If you're PHP coding it or something similar, I'm pretty sure we can find something to change hue.
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Precious Purple
[Image: 29nwmqo.jpg]
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In parts.
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Ok here it is!
The Window Skin Splitter V1!

OK, all you need to do is have a copy of photoshop to use this:


Make a folder on your desktop with the name "Mario", yup that's me. anyway inside that folder make another folder with the name "window skin generator" and then inside that folder make another folder called "New Folder".

After you have finished that you should have a directory like this: Desktop\Mario\window skin generator\New Folder

then use the action in your photoshop on a full window skin and photoshop will cut up the window skin in 3 parts, the bg (background), the border and the selector. now check inside new folder that you made and you will find the parts!

PS: make sure you remove all the files from new folder that you made because photoshop will overwrite the files that remain in them with the same name.

[Image: bg.png]

[Image: border.png]

[Image: selector.png]

Now help to make this generator a success!
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I gathered up a few I edited from various other windowskins. Some are made from scratch.
Total of 8 of them :D
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