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 What's on your mind?
Okay... Now I'm pretty much fully recovered (little lung issue still but whaterver), I went and decided to finally visit my Chinese Takeout restaurant. It's been five weeks. They were wondering where I was.

In my indomitable fashion, I ordered my Hunan Chicken the way I always do.... in Fujinese. Why not, right? It was gonna take 10 minutes, so I went and picked up some Horchata, and a few other things I missed during Covid taste bud loss.

When I came back, someone was placing an order for some Hunan Beef. The comic thing was that when she went to the mic, I had to CORRECT HER IN FUJINESE??? Yes, When she sent the order to the kitchen, she called the wrong dish and I replied what he ordered in her own language.

Who'da thunk?
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