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 What's on your mind?
Totally going to work on something today! Woooo!
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Hey hey hey! Just over an hour before I can close up!

Why is it I can't get here until closing?
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Working on my database.
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Can't believe I woke up... just now.
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Aw. I missed ya.

You missed it. Fileden's server was down. Just checked it and it's back up.

So relieved.
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Just woke up and ready to get back to sleep. Is that bad? Heh
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hoping my sig aint against the rules :)
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:( Please.

Gotta get your appetite back.
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I got the same trouble

I got ill last year and lost two stone in a week, and haven't been able to put it back on D:
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I wish i had that trouble, the weight part, not being sick.

I have rent on my mind, cant get a hold of my landlord...Cry
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