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 What's on your mind?
Mind..... [ EMPTY ]
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pain, sunburn sucks.
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Vacation. 2 weeks. Luxembourg :D
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One of my former students passed away. I'm pretty darn crushed.
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So this is sorta a Twitter-esque thread :P
Except instead of "What are you doing?" it's "What are you thinking?"
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o.O it made me feel the opposite way, that if a forum's worth being attacked then it's worth working on :)
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In the words of Marcie to Peppermint Patty... "Your weird, sir." Winking with a tongue sticking out

Methinks the same idiot.

Personally, I'm tired... and stuck at work for a...
...12-hour shift.
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henasraf: I've been thinking about making it more like the topic wave. Free discussion!
Cassie: *hugs*
Wyatt: I wish I viewed it that way. :P
Derv: ;_;
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Eep! Some scripter changed his username. I'm gonna have to change his name in every link he's got in the F.S.L. Tongue sticking out
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Oh man, I've a bunch of stuff to do here. Also... me, EJ, KorruptedKore, Lowell and Ryuk played a bit of uno today here on our chat. Anyone who's reading this has totally missed out.
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