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 RMC is crumbling, so is my sanity; why am I reminded of an Amnesia game!?
I'm a long time user of various RM applications on numerous platforms. I've used basically every single iteration short of MZ and the console/old PC iterations I've not had any way of getting a hold of.

That said, I'm most experienced with XP and VX Ace, with 2000/2003 right behind.

My current game project is being made with VX Ace, you may already know of it. Ramsey.

Anyway, I'm not gonna ramble; my PC's HDD is on the rocks and I expect it to fail at anytime; what I get for pulling a HDD from a PS3, but it wasn't getting used otherwise and I needed an internal storage solution, so yeah.
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*HOWUUUUUU* (Translation from Lycan: Greetings!)

I'm not familiar with Ramsey. So feel free to post what you will about it in our Upcoming Projects thread. And from your greetings title, I pretty much understand what you mean. Winking

I found it best to get some USB portable hard drives to back up one's work. Saved me a lot of grief a year ago.
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(11-07-2023, 05:58 AM)DerVVulfman Wrote: I found it best to get some USB portable hard drives to back up one's work. Saved me a lot of grief a year ago.

I recently got one from a pawn. 4 TB for less than a hundred quid. Not bad. Now, to get my main project PC out of storage (if it's still there-will discuss elsewhere later).
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Last time I tried 2k3 on both Windows and Linux it was a mess. Well, it was a lot worse on Linux because Wine emulator couldn't properly handle it. I guess it'd force me to playtest games by launching them via the EasyRPG engine. BUT I can't stand some of its developers. Man, their egos are big as Mount Everest. A previous dev even thought that replicating RGSS like structures like a custom GameTemp class was a terrific idea. The current devs complained about it claiming they had to remove that base code to readapt it to ye olde RM2k/3 systems.
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Ah, I see more are migrating. Glad I could offer a more stable place of respite that doesn't go down or stop working every like 12 fucking hours.

You already know me~ I heavily recommend joining our discord if you like that kinda social.
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howdy neighbour
There are many Bots, but I  am Techbot - the definitive article.
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