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English is not my native language, I am using a translator.

I was looking for the feature I was looking for on some forum and was recommended here.
I've been looking for it all day, but with no results...
Still, I have a question, so I'm trying to sign up.

p.s. I have a question just in case.
in visual equipment script
Are there any scripts where the size of the added sprite is not limited to the size of the base character?
What I need is to add cloaks, wings, and large weapons that are larger than the size of the character.
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Ah! New meat has arrived~

As for your inquiry, I will leave that to one of the people more knowledgeable in the subject.
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Well, icogil, you can open a thread in the Code Support subforum telling us about what battle system you're currently using or if you just need the sprites to walk along the main hero on the map. The more details the better. I know, you've already mentioned the visual equipment script. That's a start, yet, what version are you using now? The one available here on the forum?

Feel free to add all those details to your help request thread.
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*HOWUUU!!!!*   (Translation from Lycan:  안녕하세요)

Bet ya didn't see THAT coming.  Winking

As to your inquiry, I have been dealing with Visual Equipment systems for a while.  I prefer to call them Paper doll systems as they were based on old physical cardboard dolls that girls could dress up with cut out paper outfits.  Hehehe...  History there.

Unfortunately, no.  Every system I have seen (Rataime, Me™, Geso Chiku, etc.), the original template sprite does dictate the size of the overlay sprites.  It sucks.  All the resources and the sprite they apply to, must be the same size. So your so... if your cloak is larger than your hero, you'd need to either cut the cloak down to size or expand the size of your hero's character to let the cloak fit.

I have a thread for sideview battlers, the Half Kaiser Battler Project.  Even though the hero size is only 100x100, I resized them to 150x135 so it can handle sword swings, capes, and other things.  I had to.

Oh, for that, the resizing of my battlers, I have a separate Spriteset Converter tool which can convert RMMV battlers to XP to ...even something like the old RPGMaker 2003 layout battlers. By tweaking the INI file, you can set the converter to add more pixels to the left, right, top and bottom margins... to resize them.
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