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 Skyla's Unique Item Shop
Skyla's Unique Item Shop
Version: 1.5

This script allows you to include unique items into the inventory of select stores, whether they be weapons, armor, or general goods. These items can be bought once... and only once. The moment they have been purchased by the player, they disappear from the shop's inventory permanently. Not only that, but any and all shops that were setup to carry that 'unique' item are subject to the item being removed from their inventory.


In the script of course.

May conflict with some store/shop scripts. But aliases should keep compatability up. And is compliant with SDK version 2.3 at the very least.

Credits and Thanks
Thanks to Atemu (aka Skyla Doragono) who requested this script in 2007 at RMXP.Org (now HBGames) and whilst here when we were RMVXP.Com.

Author's Notes
I so thought I posted this publicly ten years ago.

Terms and Conditions
Due credit to Atemu/Skyla and myself is needed. However, free for use even in commercial products.
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Huh? It will disappear from all shops? Didn't you mean that part is optional or depends on script configuration? Otherwise it would be a problem for players to see an Ultra Dooper Potion won't be sold at any shop ever again.
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Not exactly.

The Unique Item will vanish from the inventory of a shop which is set up to sell that item, or from all stores that are so set up. This means that Fred's Potion Shop may have the one-of-a-kind "Ultra Dooper Potion", and only one. Once he sells it... that's it. And if the player wants to sell it back, the player can only sell it back to Fred's Potion Shop.

If both Fred's shop and Ginger's shop can sell that potion, that potion will only be sold once. Buying it at either store will make it vanish from both stores. And you can only sell it back to either Fred's or Ginger's. But at that point, only the one store that bought it back can resell it again. And at the same time, it is only the stores set up to sell that potion can buy it back.
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