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 What's up, RMers?
That sounds like a good idea. Infamous quotes of faction leaders could signify motive and ideology of factions. Neocons love war, Peaceniks (allegedly) love peace, The Hand wants to steal your children, Mercantiles will kill anything that blocks a critical trade route.

If the concept of "taking over territory" is in the mix, you could add something like "5/17 (29%) of Regions Controlled". If I had factions in my game, there'd definitely be a territory concept used with it.

Alternatively, Factions could be like Guilds where you have Tasks instead of Regions, and those tasks unlock... something.

When I think Factions, I think Territory. When I think Guilds, I think Tasks. If I'm thinking beyond the scope of the script, feel free to ignore me lol

I might've found a part time job. The hours are slim, the pay sucks, but I can walk there. It's mostly for fun money anyway, not really needing a whole lot. I'll do this for approximately 6 months, pad the account, then it's back to projects! I posted a video in the private REGAL subforum last night, just a quick overview without any audio or commentary. It's boring but it gets the point across better than an essay would (nobody wants to read an essay about it. At least I wouldn't want to.)

I'll try to step up the production value of these videos in the future, but I'm more focused on the project itself than I am on how fancy the tech demo videos are.
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DerVVulfman has been keenly helping me spellcheck and bugfix the delta build of my game, so despite not having much to show, work is being done! Remi promises!

I also recorded one of the many optional events for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

Esperia being her evil solipsistic self. (And being hot AF while doing it.)
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(In President Shinra's voice)

Well, Well, WELL..........

SO, even though I'm still totally on board with RPG Developer Bakin, I have decided to start up a project, taking my new experience in modeling and such and going back to the old 2d RPG engines. RPG Maker XP was actually my first choice, but after some goadful debating with good old Remi, and much to DerVVulfman's chagrins, I jumped up to RPG Maker MV. I'll have more info on the project development in another thread in 'Development' which can be found here... ((INSERT LINK HERE))

As you know, I don't do a lot of base pixel art things. I like the Mushi variant (Realism vs Pixelism) So I started going through my one BIG repository of realistic rendered goodness I had, in PVGames MEDIEVAL series. I chose that over his 2.5D series, because well, I invested a lot of money in the old series and want to keep most of what I can.

So as more an art project than a game project persay, I started working on a few things here and there... So far I have to say I'm sorta impressed with what I was able to come up with so far. Feel free to check out my Development page to see the ARTSY goodness when it comes through.

[Image: rockandroll.png?width=1109&height=624]

Instead of trying to use RMMV or RMXP to 'map" my level, I think I'll go with either Kain Nobel's route and tyr my hand at doing it in Tiled, OR my good old tried-and-true photoshop. I'll also be expanding (A lot) my resources by trying to match up with PV Game's art style for mapping, and tweaking it to fit my personal perferences.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell...
[Image: 4jJFJ7.png]

Currently working on EPOCH OF RAVENS (MV)
Currently working on Jay Ray's Cool Tools (MV)
Currently working on Heavy is the Head (BAKIN)

[Image: y9YpPAL.png]
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Been updating the HUD!

Boss HUD and the drive bar has received major necessary updates. Now all implemented across the board.
[Image: wubP1UM.png]
Including a notification for when the player drive is ready!
[Image: T3gC7SO.png]
Drives also got a mechanical update. One variable is used for all party members now, instead of having one per. This rebukes the cheese strat of unleashing several overdrives at once. For each party member who has their drive unlocked, drive will also now charge in unison to somewhat compensate.

Otherwise, mostly just me fixing up errors DerVVulfman finds.

But! There is one other development. I will share more of it later, but here is a sneak preview...
[Image: VWUc7vp.png]
At present, she's missing her shirt decal...
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