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Dr. Bolt's Franken-pixels
Well, I've been making edits to RPG Maker resources for quite some time now, mostly because the RTP never quite fits what I need and I can never find tilesets that fit the rest of the RTP. So far, in RM2k3 this resulted in entire tilesets being changed for seasons and various objects being added for convenience, and in RMXP this mostly involved recoloring. However, I have recently began full editing for my projects to work out better.

So, I think I'll be posting those here as I create them for my convenience. If anyone thinks they need touching up anywhere, let me know.


Eric "Bolt" Fox
Zack (Contains a YouTube video)


Overlapping Boxes
Overlapping Trees

If you happen to steal any of this, you don't need to give me any kind of credit, unless you use the following:

Eric "Bolt" Fox

These are my characters for my games and I'd rather not have them used. However, if you wish to use them anyway, I would at least like some credit for making them.
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great overlapping box...i'll use it, best in for cargo ships n_n, i like the door animation very realistic
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Creating a forest maze is gonna be a whole lot easier with these! Love to see how far this goes.
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Well, it's going to go as far as it has too to help me make my games. :)

Thanks for the comments.
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I won't be able to critique everything since I'm not skilled at pixel art. So I'll just talk about the trees. :P The trees lack translucent shadows! But, that's a neat idea and I second Derv's statement about it being easier to make forest mazes. Just work on the shadows of the trees and it'll be perfect. :D
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Well, the main reason I avoided the shadows was because you needed so many layers to get it to look right without needing to have separate tiles for the shadow.

However, I suppose I could set up a tileset for the shadows, but there would have to be at least two of those so that they could sit on the bottom layer, out of the way of the trees. Even then it might be hard to maneuver around the trunk being on the bottom layer. I suppose I could do an autotile on the second layer, but that might push some of the trees onto the event layer, which I was trying to avoid.

Then again... Let me try a few things and get back to you.
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Having a bit of trouble with the trees. It looks a little too blocky when turning the trees to other way. It works, but looks too much like a square. When I tried gradually going from up/down to left/right I needed extra tiles. So, I'm either going to give up on gradually going from one to the other or I'll need to add two more tiles onto it. While I'm at it, I'm thinking of reworking a few of the other tiles for the trees and maybe checking on adding back in the shadow.

Just letting you know I'm still working on these. :)
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