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Phantom's Pixels
I will be doing Pixel Dailies and sharing the pixel artwork here (and on twitter).  For those of you that don't know, every day the twitter user @Pixel_Dailies posts a random topic.   Each day I will check the daily topic, and if it interests me, or can be applied to my game (RpgLegend, yes that is still being developed), then I will do it!

Yesterday's topic was #RatchetAndClank and here is what I did (complete with 2 minute timelapse):

And if you want to give me some twitter love, here is the tweet (and please follow me there too, thanks):
[Image: userbar.gif] [Image: userbar.gif]
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Today's pixel daily was a scarecrow....
[Image: userbar.gif] [Image: userbar.gif]
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