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 Peer pressured badly to switch engines?
It's about time I share with forumers what happened long time ago on a Spanish speaking forum.

I was publishing scripts pretty much like I've been doing it here. Then one day a fellow user posted on a request thread, IIRC, a simple question: Would I move to MV once it's out?

The post didn't end up there, he quickly added that he was moving to the next iteration asap. He already had some plans or ideas he would love to implement in that engine.

Once I let him know that I wouldn't get it for I didn't feel bad about RMXP at all, he stop caring about scripts. I don't recall him coming back to ask for any more bug fixes or script compatibility issues. He simply left his VX Ace project behind. Confused I'd be sorry for that project's fate. I think I remember how he posted something he was making on MV later on, yet, he rarely logged into the forum as often as he did. Probably, it was the fact he mentioned something about his job I don't recall anymore.

It's obvious I wouldn't be making plugins as they wound up calling them in the MV MZ world.

Oh and there was that other day, something that took place a couple of years ago, when a forumer on a board and discord server I stopped frequenting posted an issue he was having on MV. I read the JS code and since it's normal for a function to return either an object (or boolean or anything else) or a "void", I was wondering why it wouldn't run. It certainly looked suspicious. Detective

Guess what? Right at that moment I recalled an old "bug" of the RM series that's been omnipresent ever since RMXP, the dreadful "false" return value issue. For the few of you that doesn't know about it, the evaluation of any piece of code had NOT to return a false or else it'd freeze or not execute the evaluated code as intended.

I went back to the discord server and posted the same old code, adding just a return true line to its contents.

The user came back later on feeling glad to have found a bug fix. When he asked me about how I was able to figure it out, I told him the short story. Neither he nor the other users present there believed me. Of course, he was jumping out of game making happiness so he didn't care about understanding the issue and went back to his project. The rest of the people didn't think I could have handle it as I quickly did.

So we could say it was some sort of a negative version of the peer pressure I first mentioned on the first post. In their minds a guy like me couldn't solve it because I didn't jump to MV like they had done dunno how many months or years ago.

Man, when you're used to reading code and more code on a regular basis and for years, Winking it's not that hard to figure things out in a couple of minutes or hours. Not implying that'll always be the case. Confused
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(01-28-2023, 05:34 AM)DerVVulfman Wrote:
Continuation beyond its intent, the query 'if' one has been pressured, or have received some measure of peer pressure to switch to another service, this thread will duly be locked.
Or maybe not. You might be safe there. I'll let DerVVulfman work it out.

I've never really been one to cave to peer pressure. I think the closest I had was being told I should give XP a go, to which i replied i already had, followed by never again.

I will agree that the rpgmaker community does seem to create a various status quo depending where you are. On Webs its MZ and maybe MV or you're dead to them. Conversely here, it's generally much more rooted in XP's legacy.

I mean there's probably been other examples and I just don't remember because it doesn't bother me much. Hell, DerVVulfman might be among the guilty if I'm remembering right.

I have said before that I respect the end product more than I do the tool used to get you there. The problem I saw was people were getting gas-lit into a program without knowing where it lacked and where it had strength. Thus i made my stand of MV in opposition to counteract it, though looking back that definitely wasn't the most effective method I could have gone with.

I'm genuinely looking forward to trying out Bakin at some point (once I can afford it)
Everybody has their own preference in game engines and each have their own merits and limitations. Yes, a lot of us are still very fond of RMXP and it's been a tough act to follow. I see the merits, pros and cons of all these engines and respect them each for different aspects and capabilities. Use whatever suits your needs. Nobody should force their preference on another person, especially if they're not even on the same team or working on the same project.

Also, get used to dealing with ungrateful people, both online and in real life. There is an endless pool of them. Develop strategies to keep them out of your aura, don't let negative nonsense ruin good works.

Sometimes no engine suits your needs perfectly. Sometimes you may even try to create your own. I wish each of you the best in all your creative adventures.

On that note, I'm locking this thread. Take care.
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