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 Google Pay PayPal and Dreamer Girls... I mean Germans
Google Pay PayPal and Melana...
I mean Germans Laughing + Tongue sticking out

Multiple sources sport claims and complains about PayPal accounts being abused for unauthorized payments after hackers make purchases at Target stores in New York. How do they do that since Friday 21st? Well, they gotta be exploiting a weakness found in Google Pay. Whenever any user suspects there are suspicious purchases in his or her PayPal account and checks his or her history, they find out the descriptions of such transactions says Google Pay only.

Guess who the victims are!? Laughing + Tongue sticking out They're Germans of course!

Poor Melana! Sad You should NOT use Google Pay or setup your cellphone to allow you to purchase anything online on your phone. Confused
Beware! There are exceptions to the rule! Even you, my dear reader, could be the next victim of such reckless hackers! Shocked  

PayPal accounts abused for unauthorized payments
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Hm Hm, i dont use Google Pay but PayPal but I have 2nd login that sends sms to my phone so think Im safe but maybe I should check just incase
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I never used Google Pay so I hope I'm not in danger.
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