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 VPN's Are NOT Safe from Iran's Attacks
VPN's Are NOT Safe from Iran's Attacks

Happy with a sweat Perhaps you thought your VPN was safe enough and nobody would get access to your data. Shocked You're wrong! Iran has been hitting VPN's in order to steal as much data as possible and they're not as bad as you first thought. Sad They've become experts at hacking computers just like Russian, Chinese and North Korean are. Confused And yes, the Iranian government is backing them. Sarcasm + Confused

Those hackers just need an idiot to publish the code that evidences a vulnerable function or library or port before they get time to publish a patch fixing the security issue. Confused 

There's no sign telling us that VPN servers won't be targeted by hackers anymore so be careful! Shocked

Short Article
Lengthy Article
Security Firm's Report
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