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 Huawei's OpenEuler
OpenEuler OS

So Huawei was really working on an OS after all, they do seem to care about technology share restrictions imposed by the Trump administration.

Some basic information can be found Article on OpenEuler

Basically it's a Linux OS, more specifically a CentOS fork, and it was published on Gitee, the Chinese GitHub... Confused

The GitHub Parentheses

GitHub and GitLab are "websites" where you can upload all of your code, and I really mean ALL of it, to the cloud. Developers love it for its ingenious way of sharing code commits and merging them to get a master ("main") branch that can usually be considered solid or stable. They allow you to keep parallel branches and even fork it (copy and customize the branch) on a different location / page associated to your own account only but mentioned on the master project's page as well IIRC. The thing is that such affiliation is mentioned on your own account's copy of the master / parallel branch of the original project.

Gitee seems to be the Chinese government's version of it. Happy with a sweat

End of Off Topic Info Section

One of their goals is to improve multicore efficiency. By the way it's available for ARM64 and X86 architectures.

So guys, would you trust in a Chinese controlled OS!? Happy with a sweat
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