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 Ugly Display Settings in Windows 10
After upgrading a friend's OS I noticed he had two issues to deal with, a strange set of screen resolutions and ugly fonts.

You might think this isn't essential, but think it twice! Shocked If you can't comfortably read whatever is being displayed on your screen, why do you care to use a PC at all?

In his case one of the nastiest things was the default MS display adapter, it always suck guys! Laughing The catch here is that he had an nvidia card that was not recognized by Windows 10!! Confused You could open Device Manager and never find it no matter what you could do there.

Normally you'd get a CD with all the necessary drivers or the card could provide them automatically like this one seemed to do till Windows got successfully upgraded... Sarcasm + Confused None of them were available here for unknown reasons.

Fine. Let's download some stupid drivers and get this baby run smoothly! Laughing Sadly, it was a hellish nightmare to make it happen. Confused Since the graphics card isn't top notch anymore, finding the exact version he needed was almost impossible. You could run it thousands of times and let it use up to 1GB of harddisk space and get a lame error message that tells you nothing about why the package didn't do its single job! Angry

I had to go download a CAB file from a cabinet catalog website, the MS Update Catalog, where MS still kept, it had been made for Windows 7... but it let the OS finally recognize there was an nvidia graphics card! Since cards now seem to depend on a package that might have reached version 400 in some cases, it depended on older ones like a 118 or the like to do the job.

Laughing Nice, we got decent resolutions... Happy with a sweat Not quite! It had to be tweaked a little bit more. It lead me to find that he needed a later version that was available, kind of hidden, but still there for download. Yeah, I had to pay another visit to geforce website.

Happy with a sweat You better keep track of your graphics card model data, it might help you get the drivers in no time... Except for those times where such package has already disappeared and your card or Windows display adapters list were the only sources where you could get it from. Keep in mind Windows has a strange custom of dropping any given kind or set of adapters every time they decided they were about to launch a new OS... How convenient! Sarcasm

Nope, fonts looked quite ugly even after I had made such a huge effort to solve it. Sarcasm I had already scaled fonts to make sure they would look big enough as to let even old people read them. Even so fonts don't look that big. Laughing

FreeBooter Wrote:Restore Windows default fonts by opening the Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Fonts. In the left pane, click Font Settings and then click the Restore Default Font Settings button.
That kind of solved the mystery of how fonts could get extremely ugly, even while trying to read stuff on Word, news websites and even this forum! I opened the new Windows 10 version of control panel and clicked on Appearance, then I chose Fonts. Adjust ClearType Text let me find out that the ClearType option was not activated by default or it got deactivated after Windows Update messed with Windows configurations. Yeah, those dreadful updates! Sad

Now that we have reached this point, we can be sure you can let your eyes rest on your favorite stories available on the board or any of those dozens of news articles you can also find there. Laughing I hope I have been a tool to let you escape from such nightmares in no time! Grinning
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