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 Creating my first game - Adventriox
Its been about a week since I started making the game I titled Adventriox. I am still unsure about the plot and how I want to approach things but lets just hope it all goes well Happy with a sweat . If you guys have any suggestions for better designing or programs/websites to organize plot please reply to this post! Thanks!  Very happy + Tongue sticking out [Image: epjb6a.png]" />
Still working on the title screen but I think I am going to keep the font.
[Image: 2hog485.png]" />
Added full character customization thanks to SumRndmDde.
[Image: whigw3.png]" />
Starting room which leads to a dungeon through the crack at the top right
[Image: 9q8sir.png]" />
I also added 3 classes they each give you different starting items.[Image: %3Ca%20href=][Image: 1zmphzk.png]" />
And finally this is how far I have gotten.
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Wow, that looks so cool! Good luck!  Grinning 

And thank you for sharing it with us! If you need some help with something, I think we might be able to help a bit. Blushing + Cheery
Maybe. Probably.  Blushing + Cheery Blushing + Cheery Blushing + Cheery Happy with a sweat Happy with a sweat Happy with a sweat Happy with a sweat Sweat 

Again, GOOD LUCK!  Grinning 

I'm sure someone will have some plot organization tips or resources for ya, I honestly have nothing on that end. Happy with a sweat
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Glad to see another MV user here.

First thing I could say about designing... is this... You will often find that everyone is looking for that game that's "different", that doesn't look like it's well, like every other out of the box game. So, with that being said, If your art style is great, or subpar, going in and editing the tiles to look the way YOU'd draw them might make things different.

Second. For organizing plot? I would STRONGLY suggest one of those free websites that let you create a wiki... And then just write. Short Stories, first, just to connect key ideas from your game. This will help you with building focus points of the game...

Story 1: The king has fallen, big parade, various figures walking behind large dragonkin that hold aloft the pyre of the king, as a lone trumpeter plays...

well, just from that, you get three main questions ( Or I do anyway...)

How did the king die? Who are the various figures behind the king's body? and Dragonkin? This King had Dragonkin and he STILL got possibly killed?

Story 2: The Pact of Dragons

Talking about how the king hailed from a line of protectors that instead of slaying dragons, sought to preserve them, even forging with magic the first Dragonkin, ambassadors of the Dragons, who actually had scales and horns like the dragon but walked like humans...

Now you get a bit more. Why the dragonkin, and not just the dragons?

Needless to say, a wiki can help you build all of that up and once you have enough resource material to put down a plot for your game, go! swing for the fences!

Also, you can look at a lot of RPG sourcebooks on the subject. My favorite is hero builder's Guidebook, and Villain's Sourcebook, both from D&D 3.5 (Wizards of the Coast) Using a different system to flesh out your people can help when it comes times to give them stats in MV. Secondly, look to a book called Central Casting by Paul Jaquays. My favorite for fleshing out new characters.
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The story of your game shouldn't be too linear... Not a Point A goes to Point B to Point C to Point D. The player should be able to make some decisions and not strictly guided on every aspect, otherwise you may not have replay. An example would be if the player needed to get to the coastal city of Lahspe, and had three routes to take: (1) By boat, (2) on foot and (3) by caravan. Each will eventually lead to their destination, but you may encounter new characters along one path, new weapons at another and it could have an effect on final chapter of your game.

Still, your main goal would likely remain unchanged. Perhaps subtle changes added into the ending depending upon the player's actions. Sure, you took the boat to Lahspe. You meet Boo. She's joined your party. The arch villain recognizes her as the girl she left alive. Uhhh ohhhhh... However, that might just add a nuance not expected.

Some sites on flowcharts if you're interested:
Create Flowcharts Online

Or you can add side-quests into the game. Harkening back to Final Fantasy, Yuffie and Vincent were very popular characters that only join your party if you succeed in finding them and completing their sidequest missions. However, sidequests could also be entertaining if only to add flavor to cities and towns. You may rescue a dog that fell down a well (dangit... it belongs to the kid that pick pocketed me the moment I arrived!), or you may defend the honor of some bar maid from a half goblin that made some racist slur. These do not need to affect your game.

In difference to my friend JayRay, I would keep my material within a folder on my desktop and keep the work offline to prevent theft. Separate documents for characters, stories, folders for the graphics and acquired subject material, the game concepts and backups of the game itself. KEEP BACKUPS!!!!!

The reason I say offline is that I am aware of theft of game material. One of my friends was working upon a game and she asked another friend to craft a unique battlesystem. Even though the battlesystem was kept within a locked forum, the custom battlesystem was stolen and subsequently published among other boards. Unfortunately, the battlesystem and its specialized gameplay was a key factor in her game and its release to the public took away the novelty of her game.

So... anything special... offline.

OH! Moved into 'Upcoming Projects' BTW. You had it in our Forum Games board. Winking
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Above are clickable links

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DerVVulfman knows what he's talking about! He's regularly contributed to This Thread  Grinning 

The thread is entitled Common Sense, which may give some tips if you need them. It's 8 pages long, so hopefully there's SOMETHING in there for you!  Blushing + Cheery
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Looks really cool! Be sure to give us a demo sometime. I kinda wanna check it out.
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