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 One Night 4 *Horror Game*
[Image: on4logo.png]


One Night 4 is the latest addition to Dark Gaia's infamous horror game series, under development in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. It has the distinction of being the very first horror/adventure game created with the engine. One Night 4 is not a continuation of the previous One Night games; its story is completely unrelated (except for a few small references) and it is aimed at new players and veterans alike.
One Night 4 features new, exploration oriented gameplay, two intertwining worlds and a brand new focus on psychological horror in the vein of classics like the Silent Hill series.

Story Outline

"Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?" - John Lennon

In One Night 4, you play as Gordon West, an ex secondary school teacher turned failing writer. When a strange, nondescript package arrives on Gordon's doorstep containing an empty golden locket and a slip of paper reading "Come to me", he begins experiencing recurring nightmares about a series of terrible places that seem just a little too real. As you survive each of Gordon's dreams and uncover the significance of each surreal location and its connection to Gordon's subconscious, you'll learn a terrible, forgotten secret and, though this, discover the nature of this mysterious fate.


- A brand new One Night horror adventure featuring an all new story and characters, with three endings.
- Six eerie locations, filled with scares, puzzles and clues to the mystery of Gordon's past.
- New, exploration based gameplay. 90% of the objects in One Night 4 can be examined, and you must carefully explore each place to fully unravel the mystery.
- Lurking, psychological horror in the style of Silent Hill 2. One Night 4 isn't about gore or monsters; your own mind is now your worst enemy.
- Two worlds: the dream world and the real world (Gordon's apartment) that connect subtly and eventually start to blur together.


[Image: on4a.png]

[Image: on4b.png]

[Image: on4c.png]

[Image: on4d.png]

Frequently Asked Questions

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8 Minute Gameplay Video Demo


The horror begins soon...
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OMG your making one night 4 already????
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