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 Crisis Time a touch screen arcade game
[Image: LOGOLARGE.png]
Crisis Time is an homage to namco's classic time crisis series at the moment I am planing to make it a completely free fan game I have not been working on it long, but I would love to hear what people think it is being made in construct 2

[Image: ss1doubled.png]
[Image: ss2doubled.png]
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*Thumbs up*

Nice work, there, you say this was done in Construct? Impressed!
[Image: yy7iKKb.png]

Currently working on Goblin Gulch (MV)
Currently working on JayVinci Resurrection
Currently working on Bakin ABS (BAKIN)
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(12-07-2015, 06:02 AM)JayRay Wrote: *Thumbs up*

Nice work, there, you say this was done in Construct? Impressed!

thanks buddy just a quick update to let you know i am still working on the game not huge amount the show was stupidly busy over Christmas hopefully I can get the demo out soon
[Image: screenshot200.png]
as you can see i have replaced that ugly grey wall texture
[Image: showoffhelecopter200.png]
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I can play it with a lightgun!!!!!!!!!
it's a wiimote when I release the game I will give detail instructions on how to play it with a lightgun
[Image: imavxge.jpg]
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