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 Untitled Pokemon Game
Since I don't have enough to keep me from procrastinating on Arbor's Eve, I'm starting a Pokemon project. The theme I want to work with is imperialism, and its opposition. the professors are working with the president of an isolated new region to introduce pokemon to its citizens. most are overjoyed at the prospects, and some are planning to fight it by any (G-rated) means necessary.

when its done, i want to be able to put it on a wii. I'm starting this for my nephew, who's turning 1 next month. is anyone interested in helping? ive never used any of the pokemon starter kits, and i'm looking for anyone who's wanted to give it a go. everything right now is in the pre planning stage.

so far I've got the starters (wip):
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from gen 1 through 5, i picked out around 240 pokemon, and then there are a few from BW2 that were used in the pokestar studios thing. only a few legendaries will be capturable, the others will be part of story events.

The 'Dex

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This is when everyone realises that I'm a bit of a Pokemon nerd.

Well the main issue with your picks are that pokemon are not all equal. Did you check to see how powerful each of the starter pokemon are, for a... start? I haven't looked myself so I don't know, but you should make sure.
Usually, all 3 starter pokemon are equal, or at least very, very similar in power scale. Legendary pokemon for example, hit up to 680 total power, whilst pikachu is just 300.
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seismitoad is water/ground, so it's stronger against magmortar. you always have the type disadvantage, so it works out. im setting it's ability to make it rain (forgot what it's called)

i got pokemon essentials' update from october. it's very strange. the data is edited through a seperate game file.
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No, I don't think you read my post properly.
Have you ever realised a Mewtwo was more powerful than a Diglet, even at the same level? It has nothing to do with type advantage/weakness, Mewtwo is simply a more powerful creature - it has 680 on the power scale.
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yeah, that i'm aware of. life's not fair, tough but true. there's a lot more mitigating factors that decide their power than just the numbers behind it. im not intending for them to be balanced, but to be used as a difficulty setting. pokemon is only as hard as you make it. you could start with a bulbasaur and blow throw the first two gyms in gen 1, or blow through the first with squirtle, or neither with charmander.
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Interesting idea... I rather like your art style for the mons.

Probably not my ideal choice for starters but each to their own. In any case, I'd like to see more.
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it's the only way i know how to draw that has any continuity whatsoever. i've got the gyms and elite four all written out. now i just need to make towns and caves to fit them in. pokemon games are fairly simple. the depth is all in the battling, and that part is already done for me with the starter kit!
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Which version of pokestarter you use to make this pokemon game? I was started making similar game two years ago, but I lose my ambitions and project wasn't completed (like my MMORPG Project Zeiling).
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pokemon essentials v.10 (2012-10-22)
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