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 Harvester IRC Game
Harvester - IRC Game (Pre-alpha)

What is Harvester?
Harvester is a text based RPG that you can play in Save-Point's IRC channel

This game is in prealpha (proof of concept phase) and may only be played in the IRC channel.
Currently you can kill monsters, sell their body parts, eat them for health, and attach their body parts to yourself.

Better body parts sell for more, but they also cost more to !attach to your character.

How to play:
All commands must be issued in PM to TashikaDeed (double click the name to open a private chat for PMs)
!HarvesterNew makes a new account
Don't forget this step!

!Hunt does combat. !hunt <location> goes to a specific location. currnetly there is only the safezone.
!Sell item_name turns an item into money. If you add a number it sells that many.
!Eat item_name consumes an item for healing. If you add a number it eats that many.
!SeeItem item_name show the amount of that item
!Attach item_name attaches the item replacing the old one. !OffMe <location> removes whatever is there and puts a normal human part there.
!fixme debugs stat adjustments. please do this each time you start playing for the day.
!Heal is for alpha testing in an emergency.

Content Hidden

Fun facts:
MetalRenard enjoys this game. :P

If I had some help I could make buttons to do these things in php or something. Otherwise I'm slowly adding to it. IF someone wants they can help balance stats and monsters.

Special: If you get really board type !commands in the main chat room to get a few amusement commands. Don't spam them though if people are trying to talk or I'll have to disable them.
Currently the commands are
!thread {generates a random thread from the site for you to look at}
!Slap <user> has me attempt to slap a user. You could be nice and use !present instead.
!Know generates a random fact,
8ball <Question>, has me respond with a prediction.
!nick <user> has me insult the user. !writenick1 <word> allows you to add a word to the first file. !writenick2 <word> allows you to write to the second file.
!book has me come up with a book or game title, results will vary. !writebook1 <word> adds a new word. !writebook2 <word/phrase> adds a new joiner word/phrase
!quote has me say a random quote. !quoteme <words> has me add a quote to my memory bank.
!stats tells how often you've used my features.
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Lots of fun, will definitely be something I play now and then to pass the time.
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