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 RPG Maker MV Announced
[Image: Atkp8QK.png]
Click on the above image for more info

Some scripters may find the changes to be... interesting.
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I'll just move my thoughts to this topic to save the trouble of them being spread everywhere:

Javascript? Isn't Javscript's logic completely bust?

Three map layers? Sure, that does seem to be the case, but it seems it does this dynamically. Does the editor let us paint uninhibited on the lower layer again, instead of the lower layer just erasing upper layer stuff like VXAce? Because right now, there's still no layer buttons.|11

No more hidden classes! I'm sceptical. It would be nice if they released the hidden classes for VXAce too. Especially because the actual hidden stuff are the ~Super Core Things~, Graphics, Audio, Window, Tilemap... looking at the rest of the page, it seems like it DOES hide everything? I mean, look at how empty that script editor window is!

It seems too that scripts are now managed as "plugins", which also seem to be able to be turned off. This is at least one good thing, as it'll make finding bugs easier - just turn something off instead of having to comment it out or delete them.

RTP is now integrated in the engine to save the users trouble. This I'm really leery about. What trouble?? Now we probably have to jump through hoops to get to the resources to edit RTP files, and/or are forced to package it with exported games. When has RTP ever been a trouble for people? When you export your projects, you can choose to include RTP, or exclude it entirely. It's never been a worry - not since XP. In 2k* yes, you had to use an undocumented value in the project's .ini file to get it to not look for RTP, but this whole thing doesn't sound an improvement from VXAce.

48x48 ... oh good, even more backwards incompatibility.
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This RPG maker is really interesting! XDD THough it seems I'm short of budget to buy it! but I would love to try it soon! :D
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