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 System Shock Trinity a fps rpg{DEMO OUT}
[Image: title_highhqmk3.png]

system shock trinity is my attempt to create a hybrid of system shock a classic pc fps and a traditional JRPG taking the exploration of ss1 and the cybernetic upgrades of ss2 and the turn based combat of console jrpg after months
of work I have finally finished the demo.
of course you will need the rpgmakerxp rtp
The demo is the whole first level of the game plus a little bit of level 2 and 3 it has 9 weapons 2 of which are secret and 12 psi ability's you can learn by collecting cybernetic modules. I have spent MONTHS working on this game so I hope you all like it.

[Image: systemshock_2.png] [Image: systemshock_3.png] [Image: systemshock_7.png] [Image: systemshock_5.png]
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very nice! It'll be great to see how this FPLE game plays out. Did you need to use a lot of decals? (Events over the wall placements to get around the 8 walls, 8 floors, 8 ceilings liitation of FPLE?
[Image: yy7iKKb.png]

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This looks pretty cool! I have no idea how you made it though.
Considered using different sound effects / attack graphics from the free RTP? Right now it's a bit odd since they don't suit the game very well.
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I used a TON of decals I have a characters folder filled with Decals like this
[Image: wallemtities6.png]
and to answer your question MetalRenard I am using FPLE a script by MGC you can learn more about it here
and I have every intention of replacing all the sound effects everything you saw was WIP that's why the robots healing spell summoned a pentagram :)
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Yeah I know about the script, I was amazed by it back then but I didn't realise you could get this level of detail from it. Thanks for letting me know it was with that script, pretty cool. ^_^
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I wonder... First Person might do good detail as a horror aspect for my game, while heroes are in the Veil.
Alas, it is not to be. It would be jarring compared to top-down default view

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Right lots to report the demo is almost done it will be the whole first level of the space station which looks like this.
[Image: MAPLEVEL1_MK5.png]
The game will include a skilltree thanks to the help of DerVVulfman in fact everyone on this forum has been a huge help with this project I will be sure to include you all in the games credits :)
here is a sprite I made for the upgrade units.
[Image: PSIstationshowoff.png]
And last but not least here is me doing a silly robot voice for the first boss you encounter.
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Are you freakin' serious?!

This game looks like it could be sweet! First time I've seen FLPE put to use. Extra props in the future if you manage to make the battle system more interesting :)
[Image: Button-BOTB.png]
[Image: Save-Point.gif][Image: Button-You-Tube2.png][Image: Button-Sound-Cloud2.png][Image: Button-Audio-Mack2.png]
[Image: LS-Banner.gif]

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(03-06-2015, 06:41 PM)Kain_Nobel Wrote: Are you freakin' serious?!

This game looks like it could be sweet! First time I've seen FLPE put to use. Extra props in the future if you manage to make the battle system more interesting :)
Yeah the idea of creating a system shock jrpg was a bit out there, but it was the only way I could create a system shock game with my limited programing ability.
Your right combat is a bit boring in that video I have been working on it now all the attacks the enemy use come in one of 4 types physical, ballistic, energy and PSI and you have shield for each you can purchase at the upgrade station as well as buffs and debuffs but I got to admit it's much harder creating an interesting combat system with only one character.
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here are some tips on getting through the demo.

1 Some weapons hurt robots far more than organic targets and vice versa, so figure out what does what and equip the appropriate weapon.
2 Invest in psi shield than can half the damage of specific types of attack.
3 All enemy attacks come in one of 4 types Physical, Ballistic, Energy and PSI.
4 Certain areas are more likely to have certain foes so if a room always spawns mutant use an appropriate weapon.
5 Any junk you find in your travels can be sold in the store for Nanites which you can then spend on ammo.
6 Don't forget your items a flash grenade at just the right time can save you life.
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