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 Fantasia: Surreal Cosmic Progeny (Massive Playable Demo!)

This game may not be for everyone, please read the CCC Tolerance Advisory for more information!

[Image: DYgK0Aa.png]

We face in fall now, the Demons who hail from beyond our reality and all known realities. They who Embody both Fear and Power.
The Supreme Rulers of the Cosmos, not benevolent- and we are what they seek to remove.
Imperfections from their perfect future.

They are... The Twins.

[Image: b1LNZEa.png]

[Image: ABSy51K.png]
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[Image: dY90Y76.png]
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[Image: bqF1b1z.png]
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[Image: RET0dMR.png]
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[Image: KWk04BW.png]
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My connection is slow AF in the evenings, I'll come back and have a proper look in the morning when most of the country is asleep in about 7 hours or so. ^_^
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(02-09-2021, 03:02 PM)MetalRenard Wrote: My connection is slow AF in the evenings, I'll come back and have a proper look in the morning when most of the country is asleep in about 7 hours or so. ^_^

No worries, mang. Not many rpgmaker games hit in the 1 gigabyte range, especially if like mine- they are optimized for file-size.

A large scale game with near-completely custom assets and lots of them will do that, though. Even if this is but two-fifths of the games content!

While I have a post, it would seem silly not to use the space to post some news... so here's a bit of what to look forward to in the next and final Demo that will come before the full release.
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Bunch of updates! Finished the main story sans the boss fights and one event sorta thing!

I also finished remastering another cutscene and started on several new cutscenes, i'm share all that right now!

Firstly, here's the remaster of
Fantasia Scene 10: Resurface of Traumatism (Previously Amychophobia)

Fantasia Scene 17: Shadowed Quasiroyal

Fantasia Scene 18: Unleash the Inferno

Fantasia Scene 19: Power
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A beta weekend starting the 22nd of January is coming~! I'll provide links here when it arrives so you can have a chance to grab the most up to date build of Fantasia prior to it's planned release on 3/14/2022

A taste to whet the appetite~

[Image: nMMADRX.png]
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It's here! The Fantasia Demo 3: OPEN BETA WEEKEND!

You can access the limited time downloads (from Jan 22nd to Jan 23rd) by clicking the image below!

[Image: NfPTPPh.png]
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December 2022
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Thread updated with demo 3 links and all. I was just understandably exhausted last night.
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