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 Canvas - A Puzzle RPG for the passionate (Demo Available)

This is a game for those who love to explore, experiment, and discover. Welcome.
Arrym is a Wraith, one of an elite band of thieves notorious for taking on big jobs. He has all the talent in the world, but what little motivation he once had has all but dried up.
Branak has the opposite problem. He is a Wisp, a newly inducted member of the guild, with seemingly misplaced dreams of greatness. He is determined to prove himself in the eyes of his superiors and take his place among the Wraiths.
They are partners.
In the midst of completing a job and evading their sworn enemies, the Knights of the Thorn, they are presented with a bigger job. Much bigger...and far more noble than they would typically agree to.
Battle System:
Almost everything on-map in Canvas is evented, including the battle system. Use an assortment of pixel-based attacks and abilities to dispatch your enemies in a variety of ways. You can anger them with arrows, stun them with bombs, throw them into each other with gusts of wind, and more! Each on-map enemy was carefully crafted with its own behavior, movement style, and methods of attack to provide the player with challenging and often thought-provoking encounters. Your on-map weapon will change appearance based on the weapon you have equipped.

Character swapping - each with their own unique "tool" and advantage/disadvantages when it comes to combat (Weapon range, attack speed, etc.)
A variety of shared tools/abilities acquired throughout the game, useful for combat and puzzle solving.
Item crafting
Area maps
Characters grow based on your AP allocation
A free-jump system that works hand in hand with my...
Robust elevation system - Ties in with projectiles, tools, line of sight, jumping, etc.
Puzzles aplenty! - You will need to experiment with your tools, and then come up with new and creative ways use and combine them.
Mini-games galore! - As you explore the world of Canvas, you will discover many evented mini-games to add variety to the gameplay. They are all fully-interactive game systems as opposed to pass/fail based on a number or stat systems.
Lockpicking (2 versions)

Demo (Screenshots can be viewed here as well):

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