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 What's up, RMers?
The only difference I've seen between MV and MZ art style wise is that MZ kinda reminds me of 1980's anime. Like Gundam.
(11-01-2023, 01:40 AM)DerVVulfman Wrote: [Image: attachment.php?aid=1989]
I've mentioned elsewhere that I wasn't even aware that RM Unity was even released yet, but I surmise that the Unity engine debacle is partially to blame, bare minimum.
Quote:I like to spread community awareness of Celianna and her bratty narcissistic hypocritical bullshit because I don't want her hurting more people as she did me.
Like many other artists who are excellent at their craft, Celianna is not a great person. I'm not gonna list any others. Not even in jest.
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Well, some people know very well how to piss off a scripter or artist in no time... and those scars never fade away in most cases, AFAIK.

I've been thinking on reviving a slightly old request of an unknown forumer that's never been online here. The problem is that I'm not lazy this time. It's just that I'm busy with some other stuff so it doesn't seem to be a priority to implement the desired upgrades right now. I do suspect it'd be extremely easy to add the feature to that script, but why should I do it after such a long time? The forumer might have left the RM community as a whole by now. Happy with a sweat
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I've done next to nothing on gamedev this past week or two due to it being a hectic load of batshit crazy intensity.

But i did manage to do a little work on flight, basically setting up very work in progress maps for the lower layers.
Layer 2: Inner Clouds
[Image: mWfyLe0.png]
This is a place where not many Cloud Nymphs venture, it becomes a bit more wild here, both literally and figuratively. This is also the layer where one may encounter Tatanya: The Leprechaun's Plight. A deceitful creature who awaits at the ends of rainbows to pray on the idealistic monkey's paw of would be wish-makers. It also houses a lot of Harpeia and Light Faerie Youkai Settlements

Layer 3: The Surface Forgotten
[Image: ViKN4O0.png]
This is the untamed surface of the world, pocked by various hamlets and villages by Shadow Pixies who like to be outside a little bit. There's also a large community of Harpeia and Dark Faerie Youkai here.

Layer 4: ???
This will be the final layer of Journey 1. This will be the core of the planet and the shadowy catacombs within it. I have not yet begun to develop it.
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A new recording. I've not done much on the game since I'm more or less waiting around for PJCR who will be getting me everything on the 27th, about eight days from now.

I did do this recording of a pretty crazy scene, I like Sacreblu's passgae about how horrid war is, as well as Xaramitsi's everything. This is one of two events where she does a genocide by finishing off the remnants of a scattered race.
Last Gasp of the Triumvirate

Yes, the Zirkovian portraits are made in MSpaint and yes: they are placeholders which will be updated on the 27th.
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Hello everyone, it's your favorite sponsor here again. I just renewed domain as it was expiring in three days.
I am not developing RPGs for the moment, but a strategy x-com like game. I recently started posting some vids and screenshots. Check my Twitter if you're interested.

[Image: F_StNPVWQAA0eCi?format=jpg&name=small]

Retweets to make the project known in your circles are hugely appreciated.

Out of curiosity, who works with Unity around here? I might look for collaborations/paid freelance jobs in the near future, especially for creative content (maps, UI), as I have the programming side under control (I think).
[Image: f7d70f7d-d21f-470a-b93d-fa23cfcfaeb5_zpsfe7368c0.png] [Image: facebook_icon.png] [Image: youtube_128x128-120x120.png] [Image: deviant.png] [Image: save-point.png]
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Ooh! An actually productive game dev, very nice!

I followed you on twitter and retweeted your post! (I'd be honored if you were to follow me back!) I don't use Unity personally, though I did do two years of study with it at college for my diploma in game design.

Nowadays though, I make projects in RPG Maker MV. The workflow is comfy and I'm very good at making event systems~!

For example: Crazy evented bullet hell.
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A small but very needed optimization that only previously existed in the Xaramitsi fight.
[Image: AJhUzTl.png]
This will basically prevent you from taking damage while the screen fades to white over a second, which could occasionally result in cheap load of damage you otherwise couldn't have seen coming... and also bugs with player invulnerability and the removal of sound effects and ambient noise sometimes occuring when player activates their ENNUI Empowerment mid way through the transition.

It has been applied across all applicable optional fights. The main story fights use a flash and are therefore unaffected, but I did move the MovieFrames = On to be in-front of the flash regardless.
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It's starting to get cold which means i'm settling in again to hibernate and roll the old boulder up the hill. I made up some new tree groups to make getting rid of the tree gas autotile more easier on the lead around to the first boss

[Image: 77Kv8RC.png]

I made a few more of these little tree dereks yesterday 

[Image: EIo3Wbh.png]

Now that i've switched to MV, i'm really enjoying the freedom of Ranges for troop appearances. I'm getting the hang of mapping but it seems a lot more easier
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(11-20-2023, 09:54 PM)KasperKalamity Wrote: It's starting to get cold which means I'm settling in again to hibernate and roll the old boulder up the hill. I made up some new tree groups to make getting rid of the tree gas autotile more easier on the lead around to the first boss

[Image: 77Kv8RC.png]

I made a few more of these little tree dereks yesterday 

[Image: EIo3Wbh.png]

Now that I've switched to MV, I'm really enjoying the freedom of Ranges for troop appearances. I'm getting the hang of mapping but it seems a lot more easier

Those are some really nice maps.

I recently acquired MZ, and I am loving the fact that I have four map layers at my disposal. I can finally build complex layered maps as desired, and have them look fantastic. It also helps that there's a tile size select as well, so I can use VX/Ace tiles without any real issue.
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Realized that there's still a really ugly orbital backdrop for a single planet!

[Image: 9orHUvP.png]
Ironically, the planet that gives me an excuse to draw the most mystical pretty shit I can imagine. Hell this planert prompted an entire game, it's called FLIGHT! You might have heard of it! Anyway- the fact this pink neon dogshit looks so sordid is displeasing me... or was.

Until I remembered and updated it to look better.
Spriteopia: But Better!
[Image: BEnkV6s.png]
I had already updated Tekerlek, Zen Nekoma and others in this way. This was about the last one I had left to do.

I am also currently squishing some file missing / incorrect placement issues due to some LIGHT restructuring of the animated busts directory in preparation for both Demo 3's full release and all the files that will be arriving on the 27th.
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