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 BGMSwitches RG
BGMSwitches RG

by Kyonides


This scriptlet handles autoplaying BGM's and Game Switches for you... up to some point. Happy with a sweat
You see, it's not fully automated. Laughing

Anyway, I left a couple of examples of how to configure the events and the common event in my demo.

You just need to set a single Constant with a range of Switch ID's you're going to need for BGM's and that's it! Grinning 
If you ever need to configure the Common Event in charge of automatically changing the current BGM, you can use the following script call:


And it will quickly check if the party is on map No. 1 right now.


Its name says RG because it runs on all of the RGSS based Makers! Shocked

# * BGMSwitches RG * #
#   Scripter : Kyonides Arkanthes
#   v1.0.0 - 2023-05-25

# It works in all of the RGSS based Makers!

module BGMSwitches
  IDS_RANGE = 1..5 # Mininum..Maximum

class Game_Switches
  def any?(range)
    @data.any? and @data[range].any?

class Game_Map
  alias :kyon_bgm_switches_gm_map_autoplay :autoplay
  def autoplay
    return if $game_switches.any?(1..5)

  def map?(map_id)
    @map_id == map_id

Terms & Conditions

Free for use in any game.
Include my nickname in your game credits.
Don't adopt stray cats nor blue squirrels nor any pokemon nor any sleeping beauty nor wandering zombies!
That's it!
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