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 Temporal Conflict
Some people would use keyboards, but some will also use controllers...

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1516]

At the moment, Memorie is on a small pause, and I'm now attempting to focus more on this project. I decided on a few changes away from the original idea and into a different light. One of the first things I want to implement is having the game to see different controllers. Let's just say that I would like the game to support not only Xbox controllers, but all PlayStation Controllers, all Nintendo Controllers, and PC only controllers, including controllers that are much older than the norm.

I'll be thinking about this while I begin some things for the project.

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Well, one would assume XBOX Controllers, being Microsoft, would have a PC compatible lineup. Comically, RPGMakerXP uses DirectSound for input and may very well use DirectInput which PS4 controllers use (and oddly XBox doesn't now). And I have heard that one can set up a PS4 controller to run on the PC.

It could be just a simple case of seeing what buttons work (or perhaps all???). Know anyone with controllers?????

Now for Nintendo? Meh, they like to be stubborn as hell. And Older controllers? Given how long the RM series has been out, I'd say the current Keypad system rigged into RMXP is good for controllers dating back to 1995.

EDIT: Wait. Did you decide on an engine yet? Unreal or Unity or something?
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Sorta. I'm starting this in Unity, for now, and I'm saving Unreal as a backup in case I can't do anything with Unity.
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How To: Menu

Currently, I'm learning how to make menus, by watching tutorials on YouTube. This'll take a while because of my lack of C++ programming knowledge. I'm not giving up on that front, as I'll have to learn how things like menus work.
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Project Temporal is now gonna be more than just a fighting game (Which is this game)

I've been brainstorming ideas, while doing other things like play PSO2:NGS (PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2: NEW GENESIS) for a while, and I came to this conclusion. First of all, the project's name is Project Temporal, with this game being the main phase, with the this game's title staying the same (Temporal Conflict). So here's how things are gonna go.

-Prelude Phase-
While I'm messing around, I do have to get into drawing. So in the Prelude phase, I'm gonna release a webcomic on this site right here, which is the new site for this game, and the project as a whole. Not only that, I'm also gonna dip into RPG Maker MV territory and release a prologue game, which pretty much continues where the webcomic will end. Expect a Upcoming project thread about that sometime later. (I might release the RPG Maker MV game on Steam... Not sure yet. I'm poor.)

--Main Phase--
This game is the main phase. Though I am gonna make some changes to my original plan, again, to cater with this. I'll explain what those are here. First of all... No more plans for making separate releases, which the only difference would be what characters you start out with. Everyone will get the same characters from the start. The Arcade Mode will play a key part into unlocking the Final Story, which I will talk about some other time when I get to that. And for now that's all I got.

This game is still a commerical project, so I'm gonna take my time at it. That part isn't gonna change.

Anyway, Hope things to come of this go great. That is all. I'm gonna take my time at it, as I'm a gamer after all.
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Hi. :3 It's been a while. Been playing games. O.o And stuff.

Anyway.... due to the *ehem* recent news with the engine I was gonna go with... I'm gonna have to change game engines. (Good thing I didn't officially start developing with it as I am still planning things down... kinda)

So instead of Unity, I'm going with Unreal Engine, probably the newest one. Other than that, the plans won't completely change. I'll just have to take the time to not only download the game engine, but also play around with it as it got a new major version. :3 How fun. O.o

Okay. That's it. I'm going back to what I was doing. Later. :3
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