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 Élan: Reign of Catastrophe (DEMO - 8/11/13)
I prefer MIDI music. I am sick of downloading 100 MB RPG Maker games. You can always do a soundtrack upgrade if you game ends up successful.
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His tracks are mp3s. The sounds in those are not General Midi samples which means he's done this in FL Studio (or something similar) or used an online midi-to-mp3 service to make them. You'll download 100mb and it will still be MIDI music. :P
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This project will become commercial eventually, this is really a "reel" so I can present it to people who might want to make it into something bigger one day, or even on a different platform.
Downloading 100MB Rpg Maker games is a small price to play, especially if its an amazing game.
I did not write the music, the tracks are actually all demos that were never "finished" in 2005, they will be remastered and finished by the time the game is released. :)

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Holy moly!
After hours and hours I was able to integrate the Materia System by Sephiroth Spawn with Dubealex Ring Menu, it all works with Atoa CBS, Mode 7, Dynamic Shadows, and Actor Catapillar as well... still working out kinks like disabling shadows when the menu pops up but everything is working quite flawlessly... I'm super proud!
Special thanks to MechanicalPen for the fabulous FancyFace Script. :)

[Image: ea4hhu.png]

[Image: 2dqj9e1.png]
[Image: 2dsest2.png]

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Posted tons of new screen shots, hoping to get people excited to play a demo soon! :D

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The graphics look nice! could use a little work on the hands though
"Turning iron ore into iron swords is a hard process, for one must first dig out the rock, and melt it to refine it, then one must pour that metal into a mould, let it cool a bit, and pound on it while it cools even further. Games are no different." - Ahzoh

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Vrkhazhian
ʾEšol ḵavud ʾelẕakud lav ʾezʾaẕud zwazaršeru ya lit žalneru lav lit t͛enud. Ṗal sa-ražheru lav raržižu paplam lav ṗal widsaṟam bemaḵu šuku lit ʾeyṭu waẏnilaẇ.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
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You mean the anime drawings? Unfortunately that's the only thing I'm not in charge of.
It works though, everything is representational anyway!

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Added a demo, check the first page for the link!
Please try it out and let me know what you think.

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