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 [Demo]Soul Handler - The Legend of Crystal Bahamut
[Image: SHApoacutesoPS.png]
Author: Felipe Raphael (Raphael Rpg Games)
Engine: RMXP
Start date: 01/09/2012
· Termination Date: -/-/-
Forecast Demo: 20/02/2013
[Image: Intro.png]
Hello everyone, I came to bring to you my project called Soul Handler: The Legend of Crystal Bahamut.
Hope you all enjoy, come working hard on it, trying hard to meet all
tastes for games. My last project was not very successful because the story was quite unfounded!
Then decide just continue with the same names of the characters from previous project.
[Image: SobreaLenda.png]
[Image: AlendadoCristaldebahamut.png]
[The Legend of Crystal Bahamut]
[About the Legend]
A relic so powerful that agouti and the power of the largest
the most powerful dragons that ever lived in this world!
The Dragon Bahamut

Legend has it that whoever possessed the crystal could control
the elements of nature, of life to inanimate objects and
turn stones into gold!

Such power was so great that it was enchergado as "legend"
to mortals! Still, there were many who
believed that the crystal existed, and thus began
demand it of attrition mind!

Many have lost years of their lives behind this mysterious
artifact! Others went crazy in search of that great

They say the crystal, now rests in a place prohibited and
fantastic suspenço flying on land known as
Celestial land, out of the hands of those who
want to misuse it!
[Image: HunterBandeira.png]
This was the name given to the mercenaries of the empire.
They are those who do all the work that soldiers
common do not cope.

Care for criminals, monsters, natural disasters
and even other Hunter's who became rebels
and enemies of the empire.
[Image: SH.png]
Also called Master Psychic. They are warriors that after intensive training, learned to use
the soul itself as a weapon. Generally, many HUNTER's learn to use this powerful technique.
The techniques range from physical to mental elementals, where each Soul Handler has an elemental attribute and physical
where stands (which means he can also learn abilities from other styles besides the affinity).
About the elemental attributes:
We have:
[Image: Elemental.png]
Light, Shadow, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.
On the physical attributes:
We have:
[Image: Fiacutesico.png]
Streght(ATK), Velocity(VEL), Recuperation(CUR), Domination(DOM), Precision(FOC), Resist(DEF).
[Image: Histoacuteria.png]
Everything begins when the mother of the young Ryu asked to go to the
headquarters of the village to get a letter arrived for Product Family.
It was a letter sent by his father who said that he could not return home because of work and
Friend (father of Serug friend Ryu) who mysteriously disappeared on a mission of empire.

The boy is sad by the bad news, because the time that he saw his father. Soon afterwards receives a "strange package"
coming from the same. An old document and torn where his father asked him to guard it very carefully and asked not to show
to anyone who is not in his confidence, and that the document delivered to him personally.

With the excuse to carry proof become Mercenaries Empire, Ryu and his friends: and Serug Dayv,
depart for Sanzák behind answers. Then when arrive the continent, soon learn that the Empire
is in conflict with the HUNTER's. Nobody knows why it all, rumors say that the Empire was attacked by
2 rebels.

Any HUNTER suspect is being hunted.

Amid all this, Ryu informations tries to discover the whereabouts of his father and learns that you can only get the
HUNTER any information if it is also a HUNTER. Now, what was once an excuse, you will need
to know

They managed to perform this test?
And discover the whereabouts of the father of Ryu?
What happened to the father of Serug?
Why the Empire began a hunt for HUNTER's?

"Go play to find out Laughing + Tongue sticking out "
[Image: Imagens.png]
The game features isometric maps and "fake 3D" (aa until arrival of the next demo) Neo Mode7.
In the pictures you will see that in my opinion, was the most beautiful
ever made mapping with NM7 (without wanting to brag, more is up)

A sample of the beautiful forests (which are even better in the demo)
[Image: Florestas-1.gif]
A beautiful view of a scene in the game (I liked)

[Image: Vista-1.png]
Now isometric maps Winking :
[Image: TorredaVila-1.png]
[Image: CasadoDayv-1.png]
[Image: Cidades-1.gif]
Looks Tactical Battle System
[Image: SBatalha.gif]
System menu (with faces)
[Image: SMenu-1.gif]
For those who like RE and MH, we will combine items (thanks DerVVulfman)
[Image: SCombinar-1.gif]
Save System
[Image: SSave-1.png]
I have to admit that NM7 Maps and interiors do not get along:
[Image: Barco-1.png]
[Image: Personagens.png]
[Characters And Art Works]
The features are in Portuguese, but I promise I will translate soon enough!
[Image: AcaccediladaSH.jpg]
[Image: Viacutedeos.png]

This is the video that inspired me to actually creating the game, I was
about 12, and with a fertile mind, I thought I'd play with my cousins ​​"Monster Hunters"
This is my video game music Chalie Brown Jr (Fight for what is mine(Lutar pelo que é meu))
Video up, "stuck" in my head and that she was chosen to be the theme
song of my game (Thanks Chorão)
See the two films, will not regret.
[Image: Sistemas.png]
- Neo Mode 7 (The next demo will be replaced by H-Mode 7)
- Add on's battle for NM7

- Advanced Weather System (climate Advanced)
- Universal Messaging System (UMS or AMS)

- Item Combine Option

Kyo Panda
- Horizontal Menu

Near Fantastica
- Path Finding (Although hardly be used)

- MOG Scroll Panorama V1.4
- MOG Scene File Ayumi V1.2

João Neto
- Change Group

Nick: Pie Bunker (Ex Maker)
- TBS (battle system)

- New Transitions Battle

[Image: Agradecimentos.png]
First God, it was thanks to him that I can play this game, he who
always give me ideas when I need to (among many other things). At guys
mentioned above, I am indebted to all of them mainly to the MGC and
DerVVulfman, who always helped me with everything I needed. I also want to thank the forum for letting me post my project here. I want to thank my
Mystirol buddy, who also helped me when I needed, pricipalmente part of the ost's.
To my family for always giving me that "moral support" when needed.
[Image: Creacuteds.png]
I (Raphael Rpg Games) - For creating the project.

MGC, Nick, DerVVulfman, CAOC, Kyo Panda, Near Fantastica, Moghunter, João Neto, Cobarque - those systems.

Hunter x Hunter (1999) - was this anime (which by the way is my favorite) I took the ost's

SQUARE-ENIX - It's a ost some games there (Aside from some graphics).

HUDSON (unfortunately failed) - I took a ost's game there too.
[Image: Demo.png]
Portuguese version: OK!

English version: -/-/-

First of all, make sure you have the following items:

* Soul Handler ((BR) or (USA)). Exe = Stephen Fry is the game installer.

* = The XP RTP RTP's RMXP (RPG Maker XP) [note: this file is

Audio * = This is the folder that contains the music game.

* BGM part2 = This folder contains the remaining songs from that folder BGM
comes within the Audio folder.


1 Install XP RTP.
2 Install the game Soul Handler.
3rd Place detroit Audio folder from the folder created by the installer.
4th Place Files "folder BGM part2" detroit folder "BGM"
inside the folder "Audio"
[Image: Comunicados.png]
I am still needing help in the game, a few points:

Scripter's: Some issues in the battle system.
Screenwriters: The story still needs tweaking (now or in the future).
Mapper's: If you have any mapper so that mapping with NM7 Its know, will be very welcome.
Pixel artists and designer's: Help with char's is very welcome, not to mention also the stetic game.
Translators (Intereçados or Foreigners): Unless you want a Google translation, will be waiting for you.
[Image: Comentaacuterios.png]
Please to post your comments about the game, I really need them to know that I can improve in the game.
What should I change, its criticism, the notes you give him anyway ...

I'm Waiting here, thank you for your attention.
I use Google Translator Confused , so my English is not so good Very cheery ! Be patient please! Winking
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Don't have time to sit down and play it right now (school's wrapping up) but it looks pretty! Can I ask why half is isometric and half is 3D?
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Yes, that's a good question about the isometric/3d switching.

But, really, hats of to you. You really have your stuff together!
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looks nice, i'll give it a try tomorrow! btw it is nice to see that people are (is?) still making good stuff with rmxp.
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