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 Untitled Game Demo
An Untitled Game [XP]

The game takes place 20 or so years after a great war against a fabled Demon that threatened the land ended in a close victory for the united kingdoms of [Whatever I end up naming the world.] When a naive, overly ambitious man threatens to resurrect The Demon, The main character (whom you name) and his party will have to prevent this madman from fulfilling his selfish ambitions - the fate of the world depends on it.

Name:Noxis (Or whatever you name him)
Age: 18
Weapon: Spear/Lance
The main character. An Orphan living in the Eastern Trade Port. Born as an Elite, with a mysterious background.. Reserved and observant, yet naive at the same time. Always trying to understand the world around him.

A knight from the Kingdom of Crest. He appeared from nowhere to save Noxis from those who would try to hurt him. Merciless and cunning. Tactical and sophisticated. He shows true aspects of a knight.

Sword & Shield
Description: An Elite from Crest City who fought in the war against The Demon alongside of Rowan - the famed Elite who sealed away The Demon. His actions are guided by reason and acts as honorable as he believes the Gods intend him to act. He is incredibly modest, almost to the point of being considered pious.

Name:ZackAge: 22
Description: A young, famous, gunslinger from the kingdom of Vale. Unfortunately, his luck has run out, and he has been forced to scour the lands, trying to find some way to make money to pay off some dirty debts, owed to shady characters. Considered obnoxious by many. He's cocky, loud, and very outspoken.

Name: Lock
Age: 21
Weapon: Fist Weapons
Description: Son of King Rowan and unknowingly the older brother to Noxis. Next in line to his father's throne. Elite by blood, yet doesn't want to walk the path of either Elite or King. Determined and logical, yet hasty in some situations because of a slight impatience.

Name:IrvingAge: 38
Former ruler of the kingdom of Kotul. He abandoned the other kingdoms of [whatever I name the world] and surrendered Kotul to The Demon in hopes that he would be spared. Cowardly, naive, narrow-minded, and corrupted. Irving will do whatever he can to get ahead, and is the cause of many conflicts to come..

Screen shots:
[Image: 2571vh2.png]
Screen shot from the intro

[Image: 2mhzsjb.png]
Screen shot of Brulton: The City of Ruins

[Image: mn15l5.png]
Screen shot of a boss fight

Demo: Demo Game 1.08

Please keep in mind that this is a very rough demo - it is a serious work in progress. If anyone is interested in this project and would like to jump on board, go ahead and PM me! I'd love the help of a talented member! :)

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Hello Venice,
A few things. You really need to organize this thread a little bit. Look at some of the other threads here. Some suggestions:
1. Have a Storyline section
2. Have a characters section
3. Show some screen shots
4. Tell us what system it is for
5. You don't need to tell us that it is a major work in progress and what not. Just give us the run down so we can tell what we are downloading

*Download link fixed*
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Bump? :3

Edit by DerVVulfman:
Bumping one's thread should be done if there is new content or bring attention to a request, reply to an answer or other such matter.
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It looks a lot better now, nice work. Your mapping is ok, there are a few things to change such as in the 3rd one at the bottom, the roof which is higher is the same as the roof below and also ends at the same place. This tricks the eye into making them the same height. You need to either move one of them or change one of them.

Good luck
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I've downloaded and played probably 10 minutes of this game so far. You are right when you say it is a rough demo, but I was still rather impressed! The storyline, while it seems rather bland in your description, comes together quite well in your demo. The mapping isn't bad, the graphics are decent. But, I haven't gotten very far into it. Once I get done with the demo, I will get you a more thorough critique. Very good for an early demo though!
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I've played a bit (and died already cause there's nowhere to heal...?). The beginning "cinematic" is effective, good work. I think you need to improve the beginning though, from when the player takes control. The story seems to begin very abruptly. I'm sent to get some skulls and suddenly BOOM Someone wants to kill me. Maybe have that happen while you're hunting, or once you've caught the last one when you return to town.

Also, you need to revise your grammar as you put "Your" instead of "You're" twice (in the house when he wakes up).

Keep it up, it has potential!
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Well thank you both for your advice and taking interest in my demo! I'll be sure to work on the things as mentioned in my spare time when I have some, and hopefully it will be more satisfactory. And MetalRenard, I see what you're saying about the beginning, it is kinda abrupt. I'll be sure to find a way to improve that area as well. But yes, thank you both for the advice :)
Working on my first project! Curious? Go here!
Interested in working on it? PM me! I'd love to hear from you! :D

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